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Re: Izzy: "Sometimes things don't work out"

tejastech08 wrote:
TheSundanceKid wrote:

I dig Izzy his song writing and his do what I want attitude is solid.

But, dude needs to realize he wasn’t going to get the same share of the pie for a lame as fuck guest spot. No one gives two shits about those except the hardcore fans.

Maybe actually complete a whole tour with the band, and then you’d have some credibility. Prove your worth type of thing.

I realize you posted this many months ago, but I'm responding anyway. lol

Izzy proved his worth when he helped write and record Appetite, Lies, and Illusion albums. The tour wouldn't even be happening if not for the awesome music that was recorded between 1987 and 1991. That music wouldn't even exist without Izzy. His fingerprints are all over it as much as Axl's fingerprints or Slash's fingerprints or Duff's fingerprints.

Re: Izzy: "Sometimes things don't work out"

Sky Dog wrote:

Glad we got that out of the way. lol

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