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Re: Duff Interview

dave-gnfnr wrote:

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Re: Duff Interview

dalethirsty wrote:

here's another great interview with the church of what's happening now with joey diaz. for the unfamiliar, it's a classic podcast series hosted by one of the funniest humans on the planet.

duff just showed up for a great interview. talks a lot about his journey from seattle to hollywood. diaz relates a lot and seems starstruck at times, which is rare to see.

there's a cool story about west arkeen showing duff open tuning and duff writing it's so easy a few moments later.

another neat bit where duff says he knew axl and izzy were legit because they came from indiana with no backup plan, which was similar to his journey.

also says axl had a "bigger world view of the band" and was always talking about what was next.

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