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Re: GN’R updates - various tidbits

dalethirsty wrote:

why not detroit or houston shows from 2016? they filmed everything... and release this?

the mix makes slash sound like me when i was 13 years old pretending to be slash. axl hates so trump so much he turned into him.

i can't even get through double talking jive... sounds like slash's guitar is plugged into a sega genesis. what the fuck is wrong with this band?

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Re: GN’R updates - various tidbits

metallex78 wrote:

Yeah, I’ve been complaining about this upload too. It sucks to be negative, but they can never ever get anything right can they? Always too fucken hard!

I know we should be grateful, but this live footage just pisses me off more.

Audio mix is shit (Axl and Slash are loud, and the rest of the band hardly audible). Video editing is odd (hardly any closeups of Axl), and performance wise it’s pretty average with lyric fuck ups etc

Like, if they were gonna put this up to really showcase this band as a live unit, why not just upload when they debuted Locomotive on the NITL tour? That sounded fucking great for the most part.

Ahhhh... the pain of being a GN’R fan...

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Re: GN’R updates - various tidbits

Yeah, Houston 2016 would be the obvious choice. Axl was (relatively) lean, his voice was on peak form in that show.

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Re: GN’R updates - various tidbits

Still, though. Baby steps. At least they're finally putting some content out there. Not exactly Metallica's "a full concert from the archives every Monday, for charity," mind.

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