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Re: Wtf happened to…Madagascar

monkeychow wrote:

Always found this song incredibly inspirational.

I know the bucket solo is one that people love but I always felt this song needed more of an old school slash solo in the middle or something.

I appreciate how the quotes add together to tell a story, but at the same time for casual listeners I don't think they follow it and it just sounds like a lot of away I would have liked to hear this song with a whole different middle section.

I remember there's a live version where Axl sang a different high part in the last verse too which is one of those things where you hear it once and you want it ever after too.

All those 'notes' aside - this is actually a masterful song overall.

Yes!!  I think it was Bulgaria! Definitely on the Eastern Europe leg of that tour. He comes out of the solo shrieking:

I won’t be told any more….

He actually goes up a scale by the end of the line then cascades back down for the next verse….

It was so good…so good…

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Re: Wtf happened to…Madagascar

WARose wrote:

I think It was Budapest 2006.

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Re: Wtf happened to…Madagascar

kemmep wrote:
WARose wrote:

I think It was Budapest 2006.

Yep, very good version:)!

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Re: Wtf happened to…Madagascar

Here ya go:

Axl S
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Re: Wtf happened to…Madagascar

Axl S wrote:
elevendayempire wrote:

Here ya go:


i'd get that saved and backed up ASAP before it gets DMCA'd.

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Re: Wtf happened to…Madagascar

dalethirsty wrote:
elevendayempire wrote:

I don't really have anything against the Axl vocal on this one. It was a bit of a surprise when it first leaked ("okay, that's the direction he's going with it?") but it works for me.

there was an ashba-era show where he commented on this. in the middle of the set, he goes into a mini-rant mocking the hardcore fans who questioned his vocal approach on the song.

something along the lines of:

Axl: "I remember... seeing on the web, somebody said  'Why'd he have to sing that song with, like, an old man's voice?', it's like, maybe 'cause one of the influences was Hemmingway's "Old Man and The Sea", fucking, y'know, just by chance, I DON'T KNOW... but y'know, on the web, they know everything..."

imagine being a casual fan and hearing that. what in the world? you'd be so confused. what is he talking about? who is that h.i.m. guy dressed up as slash?

chinese democracy is an album that had thousands of instrumentals re-recorded, but axl was 1 and done when it came to the vocals. that's one of the most unreal aspects of the record - beaven said most of the vocals were his original takes from a hundred years ago. axl had his band going through dozens of combos of guitars and amps, and painted over everything to get the perfect sound... but couldn't be fucked to even get the right vocals down.

the live version from rio will always be the definitive version of this song. had a buddy burn it to a CD back in the day and fell in love with it immediately. the intro from axl made it special.

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