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Re: When do we hear Hardskool?

DtM51 wrote:

I was listening to some of the instrumental Village recordings and i couldn't help but think of how hard it must have been to try and write lyrics to those mostly complete tracks.. especially with everything going on in Axl's life at the time.

I would like to see original CD tracks rerecorded and then add some of the stuff that would be on CD2

Chinese Democracy (Live intro)
Riad (intro cut out, right to the heavy drums, tuned down, no ahs sung by axl)
Oh My God
State Of Grace
This I Love
The General

That and release the other songs as the 'CD 2' and then move on and record original stuff with the band. Release anything else as boxset and all that fun stuff down the road. I REALLY would love to hear those songs re done with stripped down production and some slight arrangement changes. Prostitute is one of the only ones i don't think Slash could really help much on from CD.

When do we hear Hard School?

August 13 4%
August 20 0%
September 3 13%
October 1 9%
This year 70%
Next year 4%
Total votes: 23
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Re: When do we hear Hardskool?

AgesOfTheIce wrote:
misterID wrote:
Axl S wrote:
misterID wrote:

Anyone have that General clip?

The phone recording from the Austria party?

I've only ever heard of the one that was barely audible. If there's a good quality one like what was mentioned above, then that one.

The one I mentioned is the barely audible one, but it becomes more clear after listening to Evader's remake. That's why I conceded it could be a trick of the mind, but I don't think think so since I can make out sections where Evader's version is clearly incorrect, like the second part of the chorus. Listening to the Evader version first then the cell clip just tends to help put some of the pieces together.

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Re: When do we hear Hardskool?

misterID wrote:

Evader did awesome job. I think it sounds like a remix so the real thing will probably be completely different. Lot of potential. Reminds of Axl's IRS vocals.

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