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Re: Loaded

gnrevolution wrote:

Duff McKagan - Loaded



darkdays.jpg loaded.jpg


Duff McKagan - vocals/guitar
Geoff Reading - drums
Jeff Rouse - bass
Mike Squires - guitar

Loaded is a REAL band. Despite a rollercoaster schedule with Velvet Revolver, Duff plays with the band during his precious downtime. No ego driven side-project of a megastar, Loaded shoots from the hip with a working-class swagger.

Living across 3 states, hundreds of miles apart, the band jumps at the chance to play together, every time. Loaded embodies the excitement of your first high school band, raw and untainted by the spoils of big success. A band that is right at home playing in an arena, a theater, a club, or a house party. They rock every room, every time, just for the chance to play together.

Now is their time, excitement and tension are high. When opportunity knocks, the door gets kicked down.

The band released 2 albums, 1999's "Live Episode" and 2001's "Dark Days". Recently recharged, the band has re-released "Dark Days" with a bonus live show from their 2001 Japanese tour and is working on another independent release in the Summer of 2008 with a tour to follow. Stay tuned.

Shamefully stolen from the official Loaded website.

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Re: Loaded

Will wrote:

The original Loaded featured Taz Bentley, Izzys kickass drummer since the days of 117 Degrees:


Taz' next band, the equally awesome Burden Brothers went on to be the support act on tour with Velvet Revolver, before Duff went back to Loaded and the Burden Brothers imploded (though they do claim its just a long hiatus)


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