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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

Mikkamakka wrote:

Just like all of us. Including Axl. I agree that Slash has a habit of telling a story differently, but I don't remember any occasion when he did it to lie (except that he visited Axl's house). He, as most of us, sees and remembers things differently as the years go by. It depends on the actual psychological state, or he changed his views, cause he got to know something else concerning the subject. Anyway, Slash is not a liar, not more than you, me or Axl.

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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

Neemo wrote:
Captain Winkler wrote:

one more quick point i feel i have to make, using slash's book as anything other than a skewed perspective on what occurred is ludicrous. slash himself acknowledges that all band members would view the events differently.

i'm not denying it at all...but if axl came out with an outobio it'd prolly be the bible and there would be just as many skewed points...but all i have is a slash thats all i got to go on, see i dont like going around calling slash a liar just for the sake of it, of course its his own perspective he wrote the fucking thing

that book was slash;s feelings on teh matter...nothing more nothing less...but now we have an idea of what he went through back then

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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

war wrote:

mikkamakka - i agree to an extent. on the other hand, i don't lie like that so speak for yourself. slash blatantly denied going to axl's house when the rumor came up about him going there and calling scott a fraud, etc. then later changed his story and confirmed that he was there. he didn't forget he was there - he lied. no properly functioning human being would forget something of this relevance. if he is willing to lie in this case knowing it's gonna make people think axl/beta are liars then he loses credibility in my mind and makes me wonder what else he has lied about in and out of his book. it's not a white lie when it affects other people negatively.

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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

monkeychow wrote:
war wrote:

a lot of nothing related to what i was saying
an awful lot.

Well...i probably should have quoted further back in the discussion.
You were responding to the posts asserting that people should read Slash's book....however those posts were a reply to Righter's claim that its a proven fact that Slash left the band due to musical differences.

Yet so much exists that makes this unlikely:

While he always adds his blues-rock flavour to a song (as that's his gift and talent) - Slash has constantly demonstrated he is willing to work in song frameworks outside his aerosmith mold. Many of his solo guest spots are with pop and non-rock music artists...many fans bash him for this for "selling out" - but what I mean is the guy will play with michael jackson...why would he refuse to add his touch to an industrial song.

I don't deny that there were musical differences, but with the band as massive as it was back then, who would walk out on all that just to avoid trying out some new sounds? It doesn't make sence. Meanwhile we know of a TON of problems that are more likely to create tension...the cancelled shows, the riots, the costs these things caused, the going on late, having huge re-record slash's parts, firing gilby who was already a ring-in for izzy, Axl comming late to recordng sesions, Slash and Axl not talking to each other, slash not liking huge, taking the band name rights - orginising contracts to make the founding members and recorders of AFD paid employees not partners, slash's own problems with drug abuse. Neither of these guys is an angel...i'm just saying its not logical to say that slash left over the musical differences alone when theres like 1000 other good reasons for he and axl to not like each other.

Meanwhile - slash - who should be an authority at least on his own motivations if nothing else - says directly in his book that the musical differences could have been resolved if it wasn't for the other shit.

But then everyone says to discount the book? Why? Because its so obvious that it's musical problems that ended everything? Did the countless other people who've left since then also go because of musical differences? It's obvious that there are far more issues at hand. Or is it because "slash is a liar"? Most of the time his "lies" turn out to be situations over 10 years ago, about times when he was doing a lot of drugs, given in interviews where they are beating a dead horse, or about situations that are naturally upsetting and prone to multiple answers. I mean ask me why i left my ex-girlfriend 200 times in an interview. I could give you like 10 answers - and all of them are true in a way - or represent part of my story - it doesn't mean any of them are false - it just means some days I think one thing was more relevant than another. Then theres the beta thing - well - you know - maybe he did lie then - but what was the circumstance? After the GNR camp put a bunch of claims info in a press release then pulled it back out! Maybe he did go see axl - who did he get to talk to? The housecleaner. The guy who recorded Estranged and Jungle..gets to discuss putting one of the biggest rock bands ever back to together....with the leadsinger's fucking housecleaner...who wouldn't even let him see Axl - and we know regularly abuses fans and the like. I can see why maybe he wasn't in a hurry to announce to the world that he went to see Axl - when they show him no respect by making him talk to staff - then put out a bunch of accusations in a press release designed clearly to try and break up velvet revolver. I think a lot of people would lie in that doesn't mean the rest of the press release is true.

I mean if we want to be cute theres tons of times when people 'lied' - but its usually what they think is true, at the time. Tommy listened to the final CD mixes in 2004. Right.   Axl says the reason there was no AFD style CD album is due to slash...yet slash released Snakepit 1 - a similar (guitar wise) album to AFD in 1995 and apparently offered these songs to axl first. He isn't lying - that was just his perception of what happened when he gave that interview.

The bottom line is - both Axl and Slash have their own perspectives on what happened - that's natural. Because sometiems they havn't coughed up the goods, or were clearly biased or wrong about somethign doesn't mean we should discount everything they say as 'liars' - for either of them. They are both only as good as their own account - and the truth is likely someplace in the middle where everyone is right. But my point is that theres a lot of evidence that there was more than musical differences at stake - and no reason to ignore slash's own account of his feelings at the time.

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