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A Private Eye
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Re: NEW MEMBERS introduce yourself here

If you're new to the forum say hello and tell us a bit about yourself in this thread.

If any older members want to reintroduce themselves that's ok too 16

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Re: NEW MEMBERS introduce yourself here


Ok, some of you know, for the others

I am jessica, 32 years old

Dad was a french atheist jew and mum is an english catholic who really is a protestant at heart, but her only god really is whisky.

I was so raised with a brother, by a dad who was extremely conservative and rigid, and maniaco depressive, and who had come from a rich family.
My mother is extremely liberal, always had musician friends, some world famous, she is an artist, a splendid paintor and does wonderful things with her hands, but she is way fucked up and comes from a poor family who has a long history in GB and who takes pride in saying to anyone that her family was this and that.

My brother was a fine boy until he drank too much and smoked too much pot with doing too much sports, became selfish and money mad. He only likes girls if they are blonde and tall.
I dislike my brother.

I actually dislike my entire family.

So, getting back to who i am, well, i carried weight that did not belong to me, rebelled early, did ballet, had an accident ( was never going to be a top dancer anyway), went to drama school, did casting calls and some work for a few years until i had what i can now call the beginning of a long long breakdown.

I think it was.

My foundations started to crumble. they were not solid enough.

I met stupid men, did stupid things.

I am now about ( very soon) to go and live elsewhere with my son, leaving our fate in the hands of justice.
I am still looking for work, although i don't think office work is for me.

I have two major ideas on the profesionnal front, but i'd rather not say anything as i am affraid.

I still write when i can, difficult to do so with a small child in a household where i have to hide to speak to people on the phone.

With so much shit going on, i have a hard time keeping my weight down too, so i am chubby right now, my bum could do with a good diet.

I look washed out, extremely tired and i was told by a friend that the person who looks after our building lot is worried for me. She apparently said i look desperate.

Shows you i kind of hit rock bottom lately.

So i hope i will be bouncing back fairly soon.

I do believe once you hit the bottom, you can only come back up ?

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Re: NEW MEMBERS introduce yourself here

PaSnow wrote:

Things will get better Jessica:-)

Hi I'm PaSnow. That's PA for Pennsylvania, and Snow cause I signed up to HTGTH in the wintertime & I like snowboarding.

I signed up to HTGTH a couple years ago, then left at the end of 06 due to frustration with alot of things (bands, mods, members). After a couple weeks in obscurity I stumbled upon ROV 1.0 & recognized alot of names. I posted quite a bit & really enjoy it here. Hopefully we maintain alot of the same members here, and recruit some more!!

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Re: NEW MEMBERS introduce yourself here

I really admire people who can snowboard.

I was born in the mountains and i can't ski well, well, i nearly decapited a child trying to stop. 17

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Re: NEW MEMBERS introduce yourself here

Will wrote:

Im Will, 22, living in Dundee, Scotland.

I'm hoping that the new RoV will bring out some more of the excellent discussions that would have been found on the old board.


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Re: NEW MEMBERS introduce yourself here

polluxlm wrote:

I am Alexander from Northern Europe. I love nature and can often be seen 'talking' to plants and animals. I am also what is conventionally known as 'crazy', meaning I 'sometimes' have opinions outside the accepted norm.

This is something most of you already know, but now you know I know you know..err...nevermind. The CIA did it.

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Re: NEW MEMBERS introduce yourself here


Re: NEW MEMBERS introduce yourself here

Hi I am DTJ

I have posted on Mygnr and HTGTH since 2004 and then was asked to ROV 1.   I became a mod and did all I could for ROV through this last year and a half, now here we are again and we thank all of your for dealing with our issues over the past few months 15

I look forward to continuing on with the great ROV Alumni and getting new blood to join our happy family here.

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Re: NEW MEMBERS introduce yourself here

monkeychow wrote:

Hey Everyone,

I'm Monkeychow....i've been a poster on ROV version 1 and also occasionaly on HTGTH but theres too much gnr-politics on that site for me.

I'm a big fan of Axl and Slash, so this means i'm a huge fan of old GNR, and also into Velvet Revolver, and the leaks of Axl's new work.

Not too much else to say, i'm 30 and a guitarist smile

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Re: NEW MEMBERS introduce yourself here

Locomotive98 wrote:

Hi, Chris from England here, back again after the recent site probs. Great to be back on a site where Axl's jacket isn't the main topic of conversation!!! Couldn't bear the other site' much longer....

Good uck to all with the new site and many thanks for so efficiently bringing it back...

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