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Re: Long-lost text lifts cloud from Knights Templar

BLS-Pride wrote:

I can honestly and happily say yes I do believe that. Jesus was more than a man he is the son of God. You can use science all you want but when it comes to the creator and his only son sent here to give his life for ours it doesn't hold water for me.

And no corpses can't walk and a corpse didn't walk that day. Jesus did.

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Re: Long-lost text lifts cloud from Knights Templar

Tommie wrote:

Well thanks for ruining this thread guys!  16

I'm not touching this topic with a ten foot pole.

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Re: Long-lost text lifts cloud from Knights Templar

polluxlm wrote:
the_real_jessica wrote:

Well, Hitler did find out something :

Jesus was never crucified.

Although he already knew about it, the nazis found parchments mentionning Jesus, son of the King, being captured ans sent to work as a slave in mines.

He came out past 70 years old ( extraordinary old age if you look at the frame time) and left for france where Marie Madeleine already was with her uncle, her children and other family members and close ones.

Apparently, she placed all her kids in the best then royal families, their name being Del Aqua.

The arthurian tables speak of a del aqua being married to arthur or someone.
Also, the germans became anti jews when marie madeleine had a son marry into the royal line and it passed onto her family, meaning the saxons started to be ruled by immensely wealthy " strangers" and that's when the hatred apparenty started.

So, maybe the templars found enough evidence to threaten both papal and royal powers ?

Maybe this 2000 year old carnage is all linked to one same thing :

There is one and unique royal lineage, that unites norh and south, east and west through blood, that goes back to ancient pharaohs and that is immensely wealthy, making them the heirs to :

the world.

This looks like disinformation to me. There never was a historical Jesus. Christianity is simply a collection of pagan characters, beliefs and traditions. Basically it's Sun worship.

The bloodlines on the other hand is very real. Why these families have this perverse fixation we can only speculate, but it wouldn't be very far fetched to conclude that they are of the belief that something in their blood is special. There are several theories on the subject, I tend to go with alien visitations, but it almost has to have something to do about the genes of some other race. Be it terrestrial, extra-terrestrial or pan-dimensional.

As to the germans and the jews I'm currently reading a fascinating book on the subject, Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr. It paints a more complete picture of the war and goes into detail about the events that transpired.

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Re: Long-lost text lifts cloud from Knights Templar

I have a fantastic book about germans and jews, it's called " hitler's willing executionners" writtend by jonah goldhagen.

Here is what is said about him :

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen (born 1959) is an American political scientist. He is best known for his book, Hitler's Willing Executioners (1996), which posits that ordinary Germans not only knew about, but also supported, the Holocaust because of a unique and virulent "eliminationist" antisemitism in the German identity, which had developed in the preceding centuries. Goldhagen writes that this special mentality grew out of medieval attitudes from a religious basis but was eventually secularized.

Goldhagen's book, which began as his Harvard doctoral dissertation, was written largely to rebut the claims of Christopher Browning as to perpetrator motives. The dissertation won the American Political Science Association's 1994 Gabriel A. Almond Award in comparative politics.

Goldhagen has won acclaim for his ability to make harsh historical analysis interesting to a large public. He was awarded the prestigious Democracy Prize by the German Journal for German and International Politics, in that his work forced Germans to reckon with the phenomenon of pervasive and violent antisemitism, and as such it provided a corrective to any notion that an end to the Sonderweg of modern German history was at hand. The laudatio was given by Jürgen Habermas and Jan Philipp Reemtsma.

Hitler's Willing Executioners was commercially and popularly successful and has been widely translated, prompting two of its most visible academic critics, Norman Finkelstein and Ruth Bettina Birn, to publish an extensive joint critique of the book purporting to debunk its scholarship.

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