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Re: Baz: VR or Axl?

buzzsaw wrote:
DoubleTalkingJive wrote:
buzzsaw wrote:

So Axl is just sitting around and says "I want to call Baz" and he texts him?  I don't buy that for a second.

Come on Buzzsaw you're better then that.  Axl living his life, chats with someone they start talking about Baz, he says you know I gotta get intouch with him. 

Not everything both Baz or Axl do is for a reason business wise, they are old time friends, haven't you ever contacted or been contacted or ran into an old friend?

Not one I hoped to leech off of.  big_smile

Seriously, I guess that's possible, but I highly doubt Axl's only friend was Bach.  Why him and why not ANYBODY else?  Why after 10 years of being a hermit?  Why after not talking to Baz in ages?  There's more to it somewhere.  I'm not saying there's some big conspiracy, but it isn't as simple as people want to write it off as either.  Maybe Baz helped Axl years ago and Axl thought he could help him now.  Maybe they just had a good time getting high together.  Whatever it is doesn't have to be bad, but there almost has to be more to it than just calling him after that long to say hi.

Sometimes just a phonecall to say Hi or running into a person can lead to lots of things.

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Re: Baz: VR or Axl?

I don't think there was any plan behind it. He tried out for VR, then a few years later he and Axl became friends again. A long time has passed since Bach-VR were a possibility.

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Re: Baz: VR or Axl?

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: Baz: VR or Axl?

Intercourse wrote:

Baz has a rep for being a bit of an asshole too, we all know that. Metal Sludge has been dogging him for years and they logged many stories from fans etc who relayed stories of his bad behaviour.
personally, I think he's an '80's throwback but I kinda like his goofy love of metal music etc, he's the teenager that never grew up.

Glad he never made VR too. I don't rate him as a song writer, Snake Sabbo penned all the big hits for Skid Row. Baz could not be trusted with lyrics and melodies apparently..

Axl and Baz seem like a strange combo. Axl seems to be a reader, a viewer and a deep thinker, troubled and unpredictable. Baz on the other hand reminds me of a huge slobbering over excited labrador dog; running around, sniffing ass and genereally getting under people's feet.

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Re: Baz: VR or Axl?

buzzsaw wrote:

That last line is what makes him perfect for Axl...especially the sniffing ass part.

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