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buzzsaw The new and God willing improved politics thread

you smell like a cunt.

- 146 weeks ago
Rocky US Politics Thread

your partisanship is only exceeded by your toxicity

- 148 weeks ago
buzzsaw US Politics Thread

go fuck yourself conspiracy nut.

- 148 weeks ago
esoterica Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul Leak

Me too. Soul is a Monster track!

+ 193 weeks ago
Vincevega06 Zodiac For Trade

funny dude

+ 195 weeks ago
buzzsaw US Politics Thread


I\'m on here way more than you are, so if you want to play this game you\'re going to lose.

- 198 weeks ago
PaSnow US Politics Thread

Good summary of what going on. Curious about the ending too, it\'ll probably begin blowing up

+ 212 weeks ago
Randall Flagg US Politics Thread

Go fuck yourself, Jason.

- 216 weeks ago
mitchejw US Politics Thread


+ 228 weeks ago
buzzsaw Site upgrade and ignore feature


+ 273 weeks ago
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