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misterID If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you?


+ 2 weeks ago
Wagszilla You are the new manager of Gn'R, what do you do?

Get \'er done

+ 138 weeks ago
buzzsaw 4 years ago

Pretty awesome times

+ 163 weeks ago
Vincevega06 Zodiac For Trade

Good dude

+ 193 weeks ago
Gong Unused GNR logos

love that logo! nice find

+ 251 weeks ago
esoterica Unused GNR logos

Thanks for finding the 1998 logo shirt!

+ 251 weeks ago
PaSnow melissa & brain perform sorry remix at nba halftime show

Good one

+ 286 weeks ago
Smoking Guns Izzy tweet about Axl and Duff interview

Thanks for sharing. What a clown.

+ 350 weeks ago
buzzsaw Ideal Setlist Part 2: Coma vs. There Was A Time


+ 357 weeks ago
misterID Lenny Kravitz on opening for GNR

No problem, man.  smile

+ 366 weeks ago
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