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#1 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 8 hours ago

From what I recall, both Lowell and Harmon left L&O for the same reason: to start a family.  Lowell with Richard Gere.  And Harmon with former NYG (now ex husband) CB Jason Sehorn.  And yeah, Harmon was the only one with Hollywood potential.  As much as I like Jill Hennessey, she is basically a tv actress, which isn't really a shot and her.

The Stylist---this was bad.  I mean it's shot well.  But when you have a serial killer as a main character and you kind of don't explain to the audience why she kills.  It's not exactly ideal.  I don't need entire sections of the film on it but the main character kills for no god damn reason.  And she basically pouts in the second half of the film and the thing drags on.  Not exactly why she picked the other main character to stalk either. I liked the main actress but the script needed major work.  This was originally a short and that kinda shows.

The Banshees of Inshiheeren.  Reteams the director and the two main leads from In Bruges.  This is not really similar at all to In Bruges.  So if you're expecting In Bruges pt II, this isn't it.  The humor is dry.  And I found this kind of introspective and slightly depressing.  But it's not a bad film.  It's kind of different and a little dark.  I will say the shots of Ireland throughout the film are uplifting.   My fav character was the sister played by Kerry Condon though.  She saw the situation for what it was and is basically the smartest character in the entire film.

#2 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 13 days ago

James wrote:

Other than Angie Harmon, he's my favorite Law and Order character. I love his style...he basically just sits there bitching at his ADAs.

A lot of humor in this show that I didn't notice in my youth... specifically Adam's bitching and of course Lenny's one liners.

A lot of times he'd be eating stuff too.  So, he'd be taking a bite out of a sandwich while bitching out McCoy for some bad legal blunder.

James wrote:

IMO seasons 5-10 are the peak. It's when they finally got a perfect cast and everything gelled. The few cast changes during this period actually improved things....unlike what would happen to the show later on.

Seasons 11-12 are almost unwatchable due to Dianne Wiest as DA. She's the interim DA until Thompson is brought in for season 13.

It doesn't work. Her character is an ultra liberal but she's not respected by the ADAs. She'll tell them something and they'll do the exact opposite. It happens enough to the point it should've been a storyline at some point.

It sucks that Harmon's last season is wasted because of this.

The first few seasons of Criminal Intent are amazing.

I can agree with all of this.  I've rewatched the Bratt/Martin eps from this time period more than the ones with Noth and Moriarity.  They just seem fresher and less dated as well.  Speaking of bad decisions, I bet Bratt regrets walking away from L&O for a movie career that never really happened.  He definitely could have clocked in a few more years on auto pilot if he wanted.

Wiest was just miscast horribly.  She never had the conviction of the other DA's.  She just was there and never offered anything to the character and was wishy washy.  Was just a waste of time.

Agree on CI, too.  Those eps were incredibly intense and psychological.  It seemed like D'Nofrio gave it his all in those eps and I wasn't surprised when he got burned out by it.

#3 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 2 weeks ago

James wrote:

You guys stop watching movies?

I've been on a Law and Order kick for weeks.

Currently watching season 5.

Nah.  I've been watching a lot of questionable stuff. 

Deadly Games (1982) Not sure how this got a cult following.  This one isn't very good or interesting. The kills aren't particularly interesting.  The best part of this is probably the Dick Butkus scenes.  He had a small role in this film

I've always felt L&O quality falls way off when Hill retires/gets replaced by Thompson and Harmon leaves and Rohm replaces her.  Also and obviously, when Orbach died.

The first 4-5 are the best because they seemed more balanced/or just gritty in terms of both exploring the Law and Order aspects and they didn't just rip something from the headlines and auto pilot the episode around that.

#4 Re: The Garden » NFL 2022/23 season » 8 weeks ago

Vikings-Broncos 98.  I would have liked to have seen Broncos try to slow down Moss.  And it would have been cool to see Cunningham in a super bowl after all the PHI playoff chokes/bad losses in the early 90s.

And this is a personal pick for me Oilers-Cowboys in one of those 90s years.  Moon was a choker and they would have did their thing where they led for a while before self destructing and Warren throwing a clutch int.

49ers Steelers would have been interesting in the Young SB year.  Although no one was beating SF that year, they were fucking LOADED in 94.

Chargers-Bears in 2006.  Assume that SD doesn't choke against NE and beats IND, we got that loaded Bears D and ST that was scoring all over the place vs the Chargers who had 6 all pros that year.  You have Marty Schotenheimer finally in a super bowl after all those bad losses.  Bears still had Grossman as Qb.  I think they still lose but who knows.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » SOG single coming? » 9 weeks ago

It is what it is.  They don't function as a band that releases stuff and placates their (shrinking) hardcore fan base.  They are a for profit organization.  Even some of those has been 80s hair bands who had one or two hits have released new material lately.  Think about that for a minute.

What he (Axl) doesn't want to admit is that the creative well dry decades ago.  Releasing new "material" (and I'm using this term loosely and giving them the benefit of the doubt) is secondary to them, from getting more suckers (sorry, harsh here) to the concerts/shows.  I'm sure they have one or two songs mastered/finished that are new.  They just don't want to release it and it's been that way for a long time.  I'm not justifying their bullshit either.  I just have zero expectation of them releasing and/or functioning like a normal band.  This way I don't get disappointed when they inevitably when "deadlines" come and go.

#6 Re: The Garden » NFL 2022/23 season » 9 weeks ago

Bengals-Bills Bengals but this one is probably the best game of the weekend.
Jags-Chiefs:  KC.  Jags ain't playing the choking Chargers anymore.  They get destroyed if Lawrence stinks in the first half again
Giants-Eagles:  I have a hard time w/this one. PHI should win but I wouldn't be surprised if this thing is close and NYG pull it off
49ers vs Cowboys: 49ers but Purdy can't be missing open WR like he did last week vs Seattle.  Still Dallas is playing well

#7 Re: The Sunset Strip » Jeff Beck Dead at 78 » 10 weeks ago

This fucking sucks.  I'll have to listen to Blow by Blow.

#8 Re: The Garden » NFL 2022/23 season » 10 weeks ago

I'll give quick predicitons and maybe some analysis.

Chargers over Jags; not sure about this one.  Chargers have a big ability to shit the bed.  But they SHOULD win.
49ers over Seattle.  Seattle was lucky to get in and the 49ers are rolling and will run over SEA.
Buff over Miami.  Biggest mismatch this weekend.  Dolphins starting a backup and they have a bad defense and are going to Buffalo
Bengals over Ravens : CIN is a legit SB contender and BAL may be starting Huntley again
Giants over MIN:  MIN is  a fraud and haven't really beaten any good teams outside of the fluky BUF win
TB over DAL:  had trouble with this one but went with Brady at home and McCarthy has been a shit head coach for years

#9 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 10 weeks ago

polluxlm wrote:

I watched 12 Monkeys last year or so, as part of a Bruce Willis marathon. Always liked it but was surprised how good it really is. For a standalone, not very long movie, it is very profound and perfectly made. Everything, every scene just works in it. Gilliam's best film by far I would say.

I don't know if Bruce Willis was just incredibly fortunate or incredibly shrewd. His filmography is so diverse and he played in so many classics. This from a "Stallone type" actor with limited range.

It's probably a bit of both.  Look at his 90s stuff, it's not really filled with blockbusters/typical action there's a lot of different genres.

James wrote:

The Black Phone is on Amazon Prime.

I really need to watch that.

I hate how I go through phases of watching new or old movies. I'm in my phase of watching old movies and TV shows. I had a pretty good run last year of watching newer movies.

I've seen it.  It's pretty good and nails the retro vibe pretty well.   I got creeped out a few times.

I go through genres more than years, of course most of the stuff I watch tends to be old.  I do like tossing something totally different on once a week to break out of the mold otherwise I could go weeks watching stuff from one genre.

Steel and Lace;  some B level movie in the 1990s that was a cross between a revenge film and a sci fi film.  Not bad at all.  The kills are interesting.

Office Space: pretty funny.  There are some great jokes (shots on Michael Bolton), the beatdown on the copier.  And some stuff millenials would not get like floppy disks etc.  There is an undercurrent of the truth in this film though.  Also, Jennifer Aninston was very hot as she plays this girl next door type love interest.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » Rolling Stone: The Search for Guns N’ Roses’ Lost Masterpiece » 12 weeks ago

FlashFlood wrote:

I won’t read the article but it’s fair to say we are all pathetic.

I read the article and came away embarrassed and ashamed to be a GNR fan.  And yes, I knew most of this stuff beforehand.  Yikes.

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