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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » GN'R 2021 Tour Thread » 2 days ago

For the most part I suspect that's spot on.

But I could see if they ran out of finished 1999 songs they might break out ones where they were 3/4 vocally finished and over dub a few missing lines here and there.

I'm thinking of how on some of those demos Axl seemed to sing a tune without words in places or sing words that were very hard to hear. I could imagine a second pass at one or two of those moments if his voice was in ok enough shape...but I agree only once they run out of stuff they can put out with no additional recording....

#2 Re: The Sunset Strip » Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning I trailer » 2 days ago

It looks pretty awesome!

I find these movies a guilty mentally I know the whole thing is kinda a bond clone but damn if it's not a good time every time.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » GN'R 2021 Tour Thread » 4 days ago

Apparently show is cancelled for weather issues.

Be Interesting to see if he goes rasp for Back in Black's certainly a work out for the rasp and he hasn't done a lot of it since about 2017 - if he nails it then it will give me renewed hope for a raspy album lol.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slash confirms “one or two” new songs by June » 5 days ago

FlashFlood wrote:

Yeah but also think about this…people want new songs written with Slash and Duff. Is Axl really motivated to write new lyrics? What inspires him? He’s decades older now. Do we just all go on the premise that Axl is constantly coming up with lyrics in a notebook or something? I’m not so sure.

Yeah, i mean again it's pure speculation on my part, but there's an argument to say it seems to be angst that caused a lot of his lyrics, like AFD is about the turbulent life on the streets - his youthful trouble with the cops, drugs and the whole LA 1980s scene. UYI is mostly leftovers from that mixed with songs about the pain of getting famous and the drama with the media/labels. Then CD was about the legal troubles and the relationship hells he went though.

These days he seems much happier (no drama during shows etc) so who knows what would inspire a song. He seemed pretty anti-trump. And I'd believe the odd humanitarian issue (civil war etc) can inspire him of course. But fundamentally I think as with a lot of artists he's grown into his own skin. Whatever goes on in his mind he seems to have tempered. He's won at life in terms of money and power and all that worldly stuff. I'm sure he still enjoys music. But creation may not be the desperate emotional outlook these days that it once was. Good for Axl....but yeah probably means these 1999 songs are going to have more juice in them than something he makes in 2022.

#5 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 8 days ago

My thinking is kinda like.....

For the most part humans are born with hearing and with ears. However sometimes someone is born with no ears, or with deformed ears, or ears that don't work. We find ways to integrate those people, help them fit in with the hearing world, and not be mean to them. But we don't try and say that they CAN hear....we don't try and say that there is no such thing as hearing or that ears are just a sociological invention.

I see sex somewhat the same. There are men and women. For the most part everyone is one or the other but every now and then someone is born with biological differences, so that they may have some unusual combination - such as a penis and ovaries together - or some of their parts may not be functioning in the normal ways. We should be nice to these people and find ways to include them. However that doesn't mean that there's no such thing as men and women in the first place.

I can't see why that's even a contentious issue to me.

As for other gender stuff, there is a social aspect to it as well as what's innate. Like I think about how tough my grandfather's whole generation was compared to mine. Some of it was they were raised and expected to be like that I think. So I think that's a factor in how we act as well. Or look at how socially women now are so much more overtly sexual (instagram etc) publicly than they were in the 1980s. There's aspects to men and women's behaviour that's biological but there's also trends and social pressures.

As for trans stuff.

I know there's real people with gender dysphoria. But it used to be rare. And lots of the modern cases seem to be people that would have fitted under the old order of things. Like we used to be able to have gay people who were certain they were male and just also liked other males. Some of them were effeminate sure but some of them were as tough seeming as any straight jock type. Likewise with lesbians there used to be glam lesbians and butch type lesbians but they didn't need to think they are the other gender. And then there were straight tomboy style girls too - who like men as much as any other girl but they just happen to like traditional male hobbies over girl stuff. And you have straight guys who like theatre and dance and stuff but don't think of themselves as women or want to be with a guy or anything - they just like some hobbies people associate with gayness.

These days we'd be in a rush to reassign all these people. It's almost like the definition of male and female has become narrower not wider.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slash confirms “one or two” new songs by June » 8 days ago

FlashFlood wrote:
Sky Dog wrote:

Who knows? He could have a book full of lyrics or nothing…he’s quite an enigma. Chances are better on lyrics than vocals

See I’m not positive about that claim though. We know from previous posts he has recorded vocals. We do not know there are lyrics from which to complete those vocals. Full circle, see Quick Song.

Yeah that's what I'm worried about really.

It's speculation on my part entirely, but like I'm thinking of how he might have lots of songs with melody ideas and very rough vocals - but was waiting for proper inspiration to finish them and write something better to be the finished vocal.

Then here we are now where he might have the finished song ideas, but it's no longer so easy to re perform some of these songs.

So like think of songs recorded in 1999 or that era like State of Grace, then imagine he wants to change up some of the lines near the end cos they are hard to hear - what voice does he do it in? The 1999, the 2006, the 2009, the 2012, the 2016, or the 2019?

I guess it won't matter if the odd line is different as Axl has always had a few voices going...and studio mixing is much easier...but I can just see how it might be a harder prospect now than it used to be performance wise.

I was just saying i think the way the hardschool changes were made from other songs supports that concept in a way, or maybe it just wasn't practical to go fresh logistically with the tours or something. Who knows.

I hope we get some of these songs though. I thought State of Grace was great, and Eye on You despite the jokes we make about Mac Daddy has a really pretty vocal and melody in the other parts. Atlas could be pretty interesting with redone slash stuff.

Exciting to think it's only a couple of months now.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slash confirms “one or two” new songs by June » 10 days ago

Doesn't seem keen to do new lyrics.

When was anything last recorded with lyrics? The twat dance mix circa 2009? (By vocal style) I think is the most recent? Oh no actually maybe Rock the Rock for Warner bros?

Reunion single was 1980s vocals.

Rebuzz Tour was ~1999 recordings vocally and interestingly in the places in Hardschool that needed new vocals they just ripped parts out of Mac Daddy....

I mean I wanna be wrong and him to release all these songs finished, but everything post the AC/DC tour suggests we might be up for the 1999 songs redone with slash over original vocals then a long silence.

#8 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 2 weeks ago

The story about the downs teen sitting in the chair is very sad.

I'm not sure if society wise the solution to that is aborting him from the start though.

I worry that's the road to a eugenics themed society.

Like to take it to life is pathetic from the perspective of a wealthy person living in Monaco...but I'd rather fix my life than be put out of my misery.  Easier said than done I guess though.

#9 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 4 weeks ago

I wonder if Trump was just the beginning of modern celebrity candidates.

I mean he's kinda a polarising candidate, as mitch points out there's blatant reasons he would be distasteful to some, so like what stops someone else who is famous but more universally likeable from running?

Like some of the hollywood elite have cults of personality around them that would be far more popular than trump.

#10 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 7 weeks ago

Yeah it goes deeper than facebook but it's about the period where facebook came out that things went downhill I think.

Social Media has not been good overall I don't think, but also it was like the whole internet became corporatised and powered by the existing societal powers or something. There was a really interesting period first where like the money interests didn't take it all that seriously yet.

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