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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » All lyrics from CD and "new songs" removed from Apple Music » 3 days ago

Curious, I wonder if it is to supply corrections or something like that.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Axl lawsuit » 4 days ago

No but I wouldn't be surprised if it contributes to another silent era for the media and us.

Slash is on tour until May next year and talk was they might look at starting a follow up album then, but it probably depends if this kind of thing has gone away.

Also expect Fernando will get less of a private spanking than he would have, I mean how is Axl going to tell him off for this photographer incident while saying supermodels who all look like stephanie just keep pretending he's agressive in bed. 16

#3 Re: The Sunset Strip » Best films of the 1970s » 5 days ago

I thought the Joker film the other year was a shameless remake of Taxi Driver but within a DC lense.

It's a mix with old movies, I feel the look of the movie is more realistic than modern ones in some ways, and the pacing of old films I quite like, and that they are less predictable in terms of structure. On the other hand - they start to depict a world that doesn't exist anymore - which is charming for people like us - but when they go to 1970s NYC it's hard not to notice the passage of 50 years so everything seems very nostalgic all of a sudden even things that were contemporary when the film is made.

It's amazing though to think movies like Starwars and Alien date from the late 70s. It's hard to imagine someone inventing such an important property in our current era.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » AXL SUED FOR RAPE » 8 days ago

Civil Case is based around "balance of probabilities" which loosely equates to finding something "more likely than not" while a criminal case requires the proof to be "beyond reasonable doubt".

So in short it's much easier to win a 'he said, she said' kinda dispute like this at a civil trial.

If "me too" ever comes for the rockstars it will be almost unending, the whole culture of the industry in those days is pretty sexually toxic. Abuse of fans by bands, crew, labels, and the industry of it all seems to have been almost the norm. Like how wrestlers do bad stuff to each other. Like how movie people work insane hours. It was how the industry as a whole operated, I don't think they called it sex, drugs and rock and roll because it was clean. Some of it was just the time period, and some of it was bad people.

As for this case, well, Axl is a rich man and thus a target, then again, there's many stories of him becoming volatile suddenly, and I believe even other stories of sexual aggression including forced-anal.... so yeah...sad if it's true, sad if it's false, and maybe even sadder is that not super surprising either way.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » 2023 Tour Dates » 8 days ago

If you are going to go dark for a couple of years to record a new album then a DVD at the conclusion of the tour makes sense.

It won't cannibalise live sales, and it's marketable to anyone who enjoyed the tour(s).

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Better Video » 8 days ago

Yeah watching stuff like Rio and House of the Blues the band really comes alive on the CD songs.

I think the 2002 line up was just not the group to do AFD and UYI hits, but they needed to do them because they were GNR.

In a way it would have been nice if GNR had maintained with the UYI line up, and all subsequent Snakepit/VR/Slash stuff could be their future albums along with the more "classic" sounding Axl songs like TIL, Street of Dreams and Twat.

Then Axl could have done an industrial side project with pitman, buckethead and Robin busting out stuff like Silkworms, Shacklers, Oh My God etc. I'm sure some people still wouldn't like it, but I think as a sort of semi-underground side project for hardcores it would have been well respected.

Reminds me of when Michael Hutchence did an underground Electronic/Punk record called MaxQ without breaking up INXS.

Some INXS people loved it, some hated it, it got a small amount of public traction due to his fame but the style wasn't mainstream for the most part - yet it didn't really detract from the monster that INXS was at that time either.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Better Video » 9 days ago

Never should have ever had three guitars if you ask me.

Given CD songs were rare live I would have put Richard on rhythm and had all leads played by Buckethead (and subsequently Bumblefoot after Bucket was driven out).

If we wanted to keep robin around for his CD leads - then have him on Rhythm instead of Richard and just let him do the occasional solo (like how Slash does with Richard now).

One of the main problems with the CD era band was the under-utilisation of bumble/bucket - GNR is a guitar oriented music for a good part of their catalogue and it just wasn't done justice a lot of the time with Robin.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 13 days ago

Cavaliere Orsi wrote:

p.s.: you don't know me directly but I'm sure that with a little effort you could understand who I am.



I would expect this case to get settled with an absolutely massive payout to Kat, but band takes ownership of her GNR pictures, no admission of guilt for Fernando, and mutual agreement to never speak of this again.

Behind the scenes I would guess Fernando works to maintain his marriage, Axl becomes angry at Fernando for shaming the band but forgives him because they are family.

Slash and Duff register their disgust but do not rock the boat because you don't break up GNR a second time and they know Axl considers him family.

To avoid a future re-occurrence some sort of token structure is implemented - perhaps fernando is officially demoted but more likely he is given an assistant with proper professional experience maybe some Slash/Duff work with as an underling but who will keep stuff on the straight and narrow.

Everyone saves face, Kat gets the payments due to her plus a little extra for the harm this does to her reputation (after all other bands not keen to hire someone who sues), team brazil continues on as Axl's surragate family and general managers all be it with a little help now. And the main band retains its structure and can go dark for a time before re-launching the next cycle in a couple of years - be it a new album or more likely some type of aniversary or farewell era tour.

Just guessing of course.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » "Eye On You".. a new leak of an old song but not that leak.. » 2 weeks ago

I love the idea of this song with guitar.

Not so into the guitar part laid down though, sounds very amateur.

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