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busngabb wrote:

Wow. The news just keeps on coming. Always very sceptical about things like this where people wait so long before doing something about it, but not nice at all if he did do it. This is made worse by this appearing to be a claim for money, rather than a criminal case to prosecute him? Or is this how justice is done in the US? Money first, the criminal charges if he's found to have a case to answer?

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polluxlm wrote:

In the past you wouldn't sue because a case with no evidence would be thrown out.

Now it might very well go to court and a conviction, so suing becomes very profitable.

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As far as i'm aware it's a civil case not a legal one. However Blackstar understands this legal stuff better than me. I think one thing that this could lead to is some expose style netflix thing or some sort of documentary though, you got a situation where a bands manager & now the lead singer are being accused of stuff, that probably leads to media looking back at other things people have largely forgotten. Adler spending time inside for battery, Slash's 1999 arrest that sort of thing.

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tejastech08 wrote:

He’s not a good person. I’m surprised we have not seen more allegations and lawsuits through the years.

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busngabb wrote:
tejastech08 wrote:

He’s not a good person. I’m surprised we have not seen more allegations and lawsuits through the years.

He's clearly a troubled person given his past and his mental health. If he's done things like this though he needs to be brought to justice. How do you tell if it's true or just another washed up degenerate looking for a pay day out of desperation?


It was featured in a documentary called Look Away a while ago now. It is Sheila Kennedy.

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This is from her book…just a few differences, plus Axl was never in studio in NYC on Stern. On the phone twice, yeah.

“I’ve never been a big metal fan, but my girlfriend Suzy from Queens was. She loved Poison, Ratt, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, all that shit. I was hanging with her in New York and she was really excited that Rikki Rachtman was importing his traveling metal club the Cat House to some New York venue that night, and she really wanted to go. Rachtman was a big deal at the time; a failed singer, he’d parlayed his friendship with various musicians into a gig hosting a metal-themed video block on MTV called Headbangers’ Ball. I had no idea about any of this shit.

Suzy was my manager’s secretary, Cuban extraction, a little on the zaftig side but still smoking hot by my estimation. Although I wasn’t into metal I was sure as hell still into nightlife. I thought it could be fun. She helped me dress the part by lending me one of her studded belts.

At the club, we were doing our thing, dancing, drinking. In the back of the room there was this table with a huge crowd around it: models and hangers-on, all gravitating around this incredibly good-looking guy with long red hair. I wanted that fucker, whoever he was.

I said to Suzy, “Man, he is gorgeous, who is that?”

Suzy said, “You don’t know who that is?”


“That’s Axl Rose. He’s the lead singer of Guns and Roses.”


“You know, ‘Sweet Child of Mine’?”


I had no idea what the fuck she was talking about. All I knew was that he was beautiful. Google some pictures of him from the Appetite For Destruction era. I’m not lying.

Once we got closer to the table he noticed me, too. He got to the point pretty quick. “Hey, you wanna party with me and Rikki?”

“Sure, my girlfriend and I…”

“Not your girlfriend. She’s not hot.”

I was thinking, “Oh shit.” I didn’t feel great about abandoning my friend, but I fucking wanted this guy.

“Go find another girl, we’ll take some other girl but not your girlfriend.”

Fuck it. I said to Suzy, “I’m really sorry, Axl just wants me to go.” She was a pretty good sport about it, or maybe she knew she was about to dodge a bullet. When I got back to Axl, Rikki had found himself a nice looking model I’ll call B., and we were good to go.

We all went to the hotel where Axl and Rikki were sharing a suite. It wasn’t a rock and roll hotel, it was a pretty high-end place, near the Plaza. Could have been the Pierre. When we got to the suite there was a contingent of hangers-on hanging out, champagne, coke, all that, and Rikki has to play bad cop and clear all these leeches out. I asked Axl to point me to where I could freshen up.

I’m in his bathroom. And there’s all kinds of medication laid out on a towel by the sink. There’s lithium, there’s Adderall, there’s all this SHIT. Since this time a lot of Rose’s mental health issues have come to light, but back then his main problem as it was understood by the public was that he was a fucked-up rock star who did fucked-up rock-star things. Which is just a hair different from being a person on anti-psychotic meds, or whatever these were. On top of that, I’m thinking, he’s high on coke, on champagne, on Scotch. He’s very high. He’s a fucking time bomb.

In the bedroom, it’s the four of us, Axl, Rikki, B. So this is how it’s gonna go down, a little mini-orgy. Well, it wasn’t what I had in mind. And once Rikki’s clothes were off, I was looking at his cock and it was kind of on the massive side. Like potentially very uncomfortably massive. And I’m thinking, “I didn’t sign up for THIS.” I had not intended to fuck anyone except Axl. But soon B. is making out with Axl, and soon they’re fucking, and I’m going down on Rikki.

And NOW Rikki decides he wants me to go to another room with him. I throw on a robe. We don’t even get to Rikki’s room, and suddenly we hear screaming. And things being thrown.

Rikki knew what was up. He went white. He said to me, “You need to get your stuff and get out of here.”

“What do you mean, all my stuff is in there.”

“You don’t understand. It’s gonna get worse.”

In the other room I heard Axl screaming “You’re a fucking whore. Get the fuck out of here.” B. comes out of the room. The door of the bedroom’s open, I see a broken TV, and all this shit strewn all over. Axl stalks out of the room. Rikki is sitting in a chair in the main room all collapsed, just being a pussy.

And Axl sees me and says “What the FUCK are you doing back here.” He grabs me by the back of my hair and starts pulling me by the hair. And Rikki just looks at me. I’ve fallen to the floor and Axl’s dragging me across the floor. The carpet’s cutting my legs. And he throws me on the bed and picks up my pantyhose from off of the floor and ties my hands behind my back with them. I’m on the bed, on my stomach.

“Just fucking lay there. Don’t fucking do anything.” I’m crying and bleeding. Axl slams the door and locks it. The other girl is gone. Rikki’s in the other room. And I lay there. And he fucked me, anally. And I could handle it because he wasn’t too big.

Weirdly enough, I was okay with this. I had wanted to be with him since the minute I’d first laid eyes on him, and now I was getting him. Once he was done he untied me and we fucked around some more. I remember going down on him and sticking my finger in his ass and he really wanted that, he really got off on that. That’s what made him come. And when we were exhausted he got up next to me and spooned me, and started playing with my hair.

“Oh my God. I did so not want to do that. I’m so sorry. I did not want to hurt you, that shouldn’t have happened.” He went from being an absolute psycho to this spooning, mewling, apologetic child. I was so exhausted that I passed out. We both passed out. Then it was six or seven in the morning. I was awake and he was gone. Stuff was all over the place. Clothes. Belts. Broken bottles. The overturned TV. The maids were there. I was like “My fucking God. I’ve got to get out of here.” I got dressed as fast as I could and took a train back to Suzy’s. And she’s devastated because I forgot her favorite fucking studded belt. Can you believe it?

“You’re going back and getting it.”

“No fucking way. You don’t understand what happened.”

“I don’t care.”

But I schlep back up to the Pierre. It’s the afternoon. They’re still cleaning the fucking room because it’s in such disarray. But in Axl’s bedroom, everything is made up. Clean as a whistle. And laying neatly atop the bed: Suzy’s belt. And I’m like, “Yeah.”

Axl was gone, by the way, because he had to go on Howard Stern that morning. That was the main reason he was in town. And he was late. Stern wasn’t having it. “I know you’re fucking rock star, but let me tell you something. Nobody is late for my show. So what the fuck were you doing last night?”

“I was with this Penthouse Pet and it just got crazy,” Axl answered.

“Oh, did it now?”

Sure did.

I never saw Axl again. But I saw Rikki. What’s fucked up is that we’ve kind of become friends, and stayed friends. As for Axl, he’s not in a great place now. There are a lot of people out there who want to see him burn in hell. I don’t feel that way about him, but I do feel in a way that he got everything he deserved. Or everything he asked for, whether he knew he was asking for it or not.”

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misterID wrote:

Axl never did Stern, he did call ins. And they were unplanned, surprise calls to Axl. Stern isn’t talking to Axl or any rock star that way.

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dalethirsty wrote:

so axl has a tiny dick and enjoys a finger up his ass? i guess i do have some things in common with him! 9

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