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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Only if you care!!! Nightrain » 10 days ago

Did you use the drums/vocal only tracks from the AFD blu-ray?

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Every picture of Axl between 1994 and 2000 » 19 weeks ago

Very nice collection. Looks like Axl was doing absolutely nothing in those years.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » D Tune » 29 weeks ago

James wrote:

Some is interesting but purely instrumental. Some is just average.

Songs like Devious Bastard and Dub Suplex aren't even GNR. They're a long lost pike from Giant Robot. I'd wager my left nut that Prom Violence is a Giant Robot jam. So is Sorry but they turned that into a real song obviously.

I'm in the minority who believes Soul Monster is also in this category. After listening to Zodiac more, I'm leaning towards Giant Robot as well.

Oklahoma is still the scorcher of the bunch.

Personally I think you are out of your mind. lol. "Devious" is actually the best instrumental on it. It's so 90's and rocks hard. Oklahoma and Me and My Elvis are below average, but could be better If I heard the finished product. D Tune is fine too. Evidently, I must be the only one with this opinion, but to each his own.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Matt Sorum's book leaks online. » 52 weeks ago

So no one has a link to the book? very odd...  Hmm?

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Matt Sorum's book leaks online. » 54 weeks ago

Would love to read the book. Are there any links to share. PM me if available. Thanks.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Coma 1990 DAT Demo » 73 weeks ago

Agreed. It's been 30 years. It's probably okay to share it.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » GN'R & RHCP » 76 weeks ago

I like "Punk Rock Classic" song on Mothers Milk as it ends with SCOM riff.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » The Best of Rough Mixes Disc 2, Round 6 » 80 weeks ago

Axl S wrote:

Sorry, another track that has never really done anything for me. It's gotta go.

Agreed. It's gone.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » The Best of Rough Mixes Disc 2, Round 3 » 81 weeks ago

he might not play on the album but most of the drumming on it was his drumming played by brain and frank and i think he deserves more credit

Josh is a fantastic drummer. He's smooth and has more feel than Brain. Slash knew enough to recruit him on his solo album too. Can't say enough about him on these demos. He's great.

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