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Re: Stolen Motorcyle (myspace bulletin)

Sky Dog wrote:

I am not sure what is more disturbing....the fact that someone would get bent out of shape because of this or the fact that Gnr actually put this on one of their websites.:nervous: Down and out-the fanbase, the band.....:sick:

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Re: Stolen Motorcyle (myspace bulletin)

Seven wrote:

Bring back DOUG please someone....

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Re: Stolen Motorcyle (myspace bulletin)

Scabbie wrote:

How reassuringly ridiculous.

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Re: Stolen Motorcyle (myspace bulletin)

WARose wrote:
Aussie wrote:
WARose wrote:

what`s so funny about his name by the way?    i`m not a native speaker, that might explain why i don´t get the joke....

His name is Dan Druff - if you put the first and second name together you get Dandruff.  Bascially Dandruff is an itchy annoying skin disorder of the scalp.  Dry skin keeps flaking off and often if you look on the shoulders and upper back of a persons clothes who have dandruff, you can see all these white specks - which is bascially the dead skin.

ok...  thanks for the response    it`s called "schuppen" in german 16

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Re: Stolen Motorcyle (myspace bulletin)

James wrote:

Sorry to bump an old thread but I was looking for the old myspace stats and this thread came up in the results.

I had forgot about this.

In hindsight it's obvious this was an attempt at some Trent/NIN type game for the fans and hoping it goes viral.

The "missing bike" clearly symbolic of the bike on the album cover that hardcores had known about for years even though no one had seen the cover.

The fanbase was so jaded and sick of amateur hour, Scooby Doo horse shit and nobody cared so they shit canned the idea.

Also saw something else I had forgot....

That period where they were running the official site through MLB. 18

Just one of many examples of how horribly managed they were back then.

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