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Re: Comments like this Reddit post are why leaks help the band

ClaudeF wrote:

Take two minutes to read this guy's comments about why he loves GNR, and why the leaks get him so excited. … _entirely/

Leaks don't hurt the band.

Silence hurts the band.

Record company interference hurts the band.

Going years between record releases hurts the band.

Leaks help us to hold on and keep the faith in spite of these problems. I first heard the Sound City leaks in 1989. They made me a lifelong fan because they told the rest of the story in terms of what GNR is capable of doing, a story that the press and even the officially released records did not tell. I bought the Appetite box set (for a price much more than Universal sells it for today) to hear those same songs again in better quality.

Leaks are like viral marketing campaigns for rock and roll. And GNR has decades of proof of how much we truly enjoy hearing its work-in-progress songs.

To GNR: Please give us the opportunity to legally buy Chinese Democracy demos from you. Even if specific takes or mixes of songs have been posted on the Internet, we WANT to buy these songs from you. We don't need a physical box set. Lossless downloads are fine. Look at how many of your contemporaries have done this successfully and profitably.

Give us the chance to tell everyone who said the album wasn't ready and the songs weren't good enough that they were wrong.

To those who have tracks that have not been shared in public: Think about what that guy said on Reddit. Think about how how happy leaks make you. Thank you for what you may have personally shared to date. Thank you for anything you choose to share in the future. Let us know how we can help you.

We're in this together.

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Re: Comments like this Reddit post are why leaks help the band

otto wrote:

Leaks don't hurt the band.
Well, depends on the type of leak. Leaks like AntiQuiet, although believed to have sped up the release process, were prior to release and violated the artist's vision.
Leaks of alternate versions, pro-shot videos and snippets not intended for commercial release and not a product of theft are fine by me (and I believe the band as well).

Silence hurts the band.
It can be said that the silence between 95 and 2001 only helped the mystique about Axl and the hype over ANY move, being it a festival show, a tour, new music, etc.

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