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Re: Motorhead - Ain't No Nice Guy (ft. Ozzy, Slash)

Wagszilla wrote:

This isn't new.

But many are unfamiliar with it.

Some good work from Slash.

The acoustic version from the March or Die DVD with Phil Campbell is also killer.

Lemmy wrote:

"'Ain't No Nice Guy' was actually a radio hit, but that was completely down to us, without any help from Sony, or its marketing department at Epic. 'Ain't No Nice Guy' wound up No. 10 in the radio charts, and Sony didn't make call one – imagine what would have happened if they'd given it just the slightest amount of effort! But no: they actually tried to stop it from being played. All we needed was about fifteen grand or so to shoot a video but they wouldn't let us have it. So we took about $8000 of our own money and made our own – Ozzy and Slash, nice guys that they are, even came down and appeared in it. Although the video's a bit jumbled, it didn't turn out too badly. But MTV didn't play it for a while because Sony took three weeks to sign the release!"

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