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Re: Reelz - Axl Rose: Guns N' Roses Frontman

Blackstar wrote:

Tom Zutaut said it. Here is the transcription:

Tom Zutaut wrote:

But [Buckethead] was also using porn as inspiration, so he had a monitor in there and he was running hardcore porn 24/7 when he was recording. Axl came to the studio one night and he went in the coop to talk to Bucket, and he looked up and he saw this hardcore, really horrific porn. And Axl looks at him and he goes, “We’re gonna have to erase all that,” because, he goes, “I believe that this record is an extension of my soul and people will feel that the guitar parts on this record were inspired by pornography, and I can’t allow that to happen.” So he instructed us to erase every single thing that Buckethead had recorded since he got into the chicken coop. Bucket was so pissed off and he left, and it took me a month to find him.

Brain said in an interview about five months ago that Zutaut's porn story was bullshit:

Brain wrote:

Nobody liked Tom Zutaut. I’m not even sure I liked him. He was thrown in there thinking, oh maybe he could save this thing and, you know, he was kind of a wear out. He was kind of a punk to everybody. I’m not saying I even know Tom in a way that I can be like this, but... and whatever - he never bothered me. But, to me, that was just some bullshit stuff, because Bucket, you know, come on... I mean, Bucket was just trying to survive. He was struggling with it in his own way and it wasn’t easier that everybody was just trying to take from him. And, really, the best thing that could ever happen was him to do that to realize that he wanted to go on his own. You know what I mean? I mean, nobody really learns anything from their successes; they learn everything from the hardships and mistakes they make. I think people like that just kind of poked at him to try to make an excuse for what was happening with them, just trying to put Bucket in the cage, to try to just - no pun intended, but there really was a cage that was built for him to record in, you know, the chicken coop and all that. [...] That [=the porn story]'s bullshit! That’s just mean and rude.

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Re: Reelz - Axl Rose: Guns N' Roses Frontman

James wrote:

As someone who isn't a huge fan of porn, I can see where Axl's coming from. On the other hand, you don't just erase somebody's work like that. A middle ground would be not erasing it but simply don't use it.

He wasn't really in a position to be erasing killer guitar work.  It's not like he had an unlimited amount of material to work with.

It's funny how the project always needed someone to try to "save" it. It calls into question whether or not it should've existed in the first place.

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Re: Reelz - Axl Rose: Guns N' Roses Frontman

Wagszilla wrote:

Thanks for the full quote Blackstar.

I get the creative impulse to destroy but yes, it’s annoying just like erasing This I Love in 2000 was.

And it all underscores the need for all of the material available to leak for archival purposes.

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