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Re: The Beatles - Get Back

James wrote:

Anyone check this out? Peter Jackson is remastering the footage from Let It Be/Get Back and the rooftop concert. He's digging through 56 hours of footage.

It's already controversial amongst hardcore fans. The 50 year narrative is that these sessions were the beginning of the end and they were all miserable. Theories and fan fic has always used this narrative.

Jackson digs into the vault and now a new narrative is being crafted...

They're happy now!

I'm not a hardcore Beatles fan...but this is going to be amazing. I'm really looking forward to seeing this. Get Back is my favorite Beatles song and obviously this revolves around that song.

As the years go on and the tech keeps improving, I think we're going to see similar projects on other artists, bands, leaders, and world events from long ago.

 Rep: 642 

Re: The Beatles - Get Back

James wrote:

I've been listening to these guys off and on for the past 2-3 months since finding out about this documentary....which they just announced will be SIX HOURS and will debut on Disney+(unfortunately).

I can't get enough of this song/video....

Just unbelievable energy and chemistry. They should've took Paul's advice and started touring again at that point. It might have saved the band....or brought on the breakup quicker.

The timeline in that final chapter is bat shit bonkers.

That video was recorded September 1968 to promote the White album which had been released a few weeks earlier.

There's already massive tension in the band which could potentially implode the whole thing.

In the face of that and other obstacles, between January 1969 and May 1970......

They release three more albums, a cartoon film, and a documentary!!!

That is insane.

Before Get Back is released, I'm going to read one of the books about that focuses on the final chapter. Wiki and other sites can't do it justice. You're just getting cliff notes.

I've read how either Abbey Road or Let It Be shouldn't even exist due to the breakup but that brief prolific period allowed it to happen.

I started reading about that when I saw someone comment wishing for an alternate universe where we get one more Beatles album and one of those Beatles experts chimed in and said "THIS is the alternate universe...Abbey Road is the extra album".

One more thing about the Get Back documentary and the never before seen footage....

Peter Jackson said that people are going to be surprised to see the band rehearsing various songs in the studio that wind up showing up years later on Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison solo albums.

These guys weren't even close to running on empty.

Another thing we're going to see is the tense exchange between McCartney and Harrison that leads to Harrison quitting the band but coming back days later.

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