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Re: The Matrix Resurections

AtariLegend wrote:

First trailer just out.

Weird this wasn't hyped more, it's out in December.

I have to say I'm not that interested based on the trailer. I liked the 2nd/3rd film. I'm not intrigued by the idea of spending an hour or more of the film with Jon Wick trying to remember that he's Neo.

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Re: The Matrix Resurections

misterID wrote:

The Wachowskis have consistently made shit films since the original Matrix. After Matrix 3 or Jupiter Ascending, I've got no interest in what they make.

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Re: The Matrix Resurections

monkeychow wrote:

I really loved Matrix 1, and then I didn't like 2 and 3 at all other than the Albino twin dudes who I thought were super cool.

But it was like they figured out things people liked in the first one (cool costuming, philosophy, stunts etc) and tried to go harder on all of them - but something about it didn't work for me.

Like ID, I couldn't really get much into their other movies either.

This one from the trailer looks like a better sequel - and I always like Keanu - so I'll give it a shot.

Re: The Matrix Resurections

AtariLegend wrote:

I seen this in the afternoon.

I have mixed thoughts, but ultimately just thought meh. It does threaten at a few times to be interesting, but I did legitimately get the impression that the people involved did not want to make another Matrix film and they use a few meta scenes/lines to make the audience aware. I didn't leave the cinema thinking, "I really hope there's a Matrix 5".

Given the poor promotion/marketing campaign, I don't expect this to be as successful as it should/could've been.

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Re: The Matrix Resurections

polluxlm wrote:

Confirms my suspicions unfortunately. At first I was excited to hear about a new Matrix movie, then it really started to grind me that Laurence Fishburne was not asked to participate. Instead they pulled some random, boring looking dude to basically play his character. What? Other new additions were a blue haired girl and some bland agents. This didn't feel like a Matrix production anymore.

Randall Flagg
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Re: The Matrix Resurections

I just finished it, and I enjoyed it. I thought they did a reasonable enough job explaining why Neo and Trinity were back.

I had zero expectations going into this, and thought the 2nd and 3rd movies were major letdowns. So with low expectations, I was pleasantly surprised.

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Re: The Matrix Resurections

-Jack- wrote:

Wasn’t impressed by the movie. 1st half was essentially a soft reboot... iconic imagery and scenes from the original thrown in with a “new twist.”

Nostalgia driven. Better than new Star Wars but same angle.

Re: The Matrix Resurections

AtariLegend wrote:

They litterally tell you for the first 30 mins Lana Wachowski didn't want to make a sequel, that the original trilogy should be left alone and Warner Brothers are forcing them to make it.

The film imo (the ending) is a fuck you, you can't reboot the series without me, so here's your sequel from Wachowski.

That is the vibe I got from it.

I disagree on it being better than the flawed Star Wars sequel trilogy. The Star Wars sequel trilogy at least felt like Star Wars at a few points, even if it's clear they didn't have much of a plan.

I like Force Awakens kinda, think Last Jedi is a mixed bag and dislike Rise of Sky Walker alot. However I never got the impression the people involved didn't want to be involved.

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