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Re: Praxis reunion

Yamcha wrote:

11m  ·
Praxis (official) is officially reuniting after 16 years. 2 live shows. August 30th & 31st, 2022 at Sony Hall in New York City.
Tickets are available here:

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Re: Praxis reunion

James wrote:


That came out of left field.

Wish they'd do an actual tour at some point. If anything could convince me to go to another's that.

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Re: Praxis reunion

ClaudeF wrote:

Incredible. Let’s hope for a tour and that Axl is spurred to reconsider releasing some of the original ChiDem sessions. Make it a limited edition, something ridiculously and wonderfully expansive and over the top. Like, 20 CDs each maxed out to capacity.

Crazy, I know. But crazy is what we are dealing with.

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Re: Praxis reunion

God damn it, it would be like two weeks before I'm in NYC.

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