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Re: The General and Monsters

polluxlm wrote:

Axl finds out he can use AI to create music in 3..2..1

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Re: The General and Monsters

slashsfro wrote:
dalethirsty wrote:

that video is irredeemable garbage. at this point, i have more faith in the united states government than this band. this is nothing but a shameless, lazy attempt to jump on the AI bandwagon. axl has to be completely checked out at this point—unbelievable that he would sign-off on something this half-assed. saying it's half-assed might even be too kind... it's barely even quarter-assed.

from creative works london on instagram:

Release from Guns N' Roses: "The General" Music Video**

Guns N' Roses have unveiled a new music video for their single "The General." This release marks a significant milestone for the band, as it introduces a pioneering use of AI in their video production.

The video masterfully combines live footage, motion graphics, hand-drawn elements, and AI-rendered content, offering an immersive, A.I.-infused visual experience.

It features a narrative that explores the subconscious of a young boy confronting his dark childhood memories, seamlessly blending different visual worlds. This approach continues Guns N' Roses' tradition of delivering bold and innovative visuals.

The project was brought to life in collaboration with London based Creative Works, and led by Creative Director and Co-Founder Dan Potter, the concert visuals director for Guns N' Roses.

Potter explains, "The decision to integrate AI into our storytelling process was inspired ultimately by the band management. Prior to combining the AI workflow, the team had been working on an animated cinematic in Unreal Engine. Incorporating this new AI workflow significantly impacted the project's direction and the unique visual style resulting from this blend aligns perfectly with the song's vibe. This showcases how using these new tools leads to successful collaborations between traditional and AI-driven art forms."[

what a joke. looks like it was fernando's idea based on the bolded part above.

absolutely insane that this is the same band who put together the music videos for november rain and estranged. there isn't an ounce of creativity left in this group.

it's already getting ratio'd on youtube:

i'm gonna go walk my dog.

That's my issue with it.  I have no idea what the hell the "story" was for this video.  They would have been better off with just the live stuff.  Also it makes them seem kind of desparate to fit in/be modern.  There's nothing wrong with being a greatest hits band, which is what they are now.

I hate being negative, but the video is just a mess.

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Re: The General and Monsters

James wrote:

This is a surprise. I didn't realize a video release was imminent.

I read the comments before watching. I had a feeling that the negative comments had a tad bit of hyperbole.

Just watched it...

It's terrible. It looks bad and it's not even mildly interesting. I'll watch it one more time to see if I missed anything in it. After that, no more.

The Unreal engine idea sounds better but it would probably still be underwhelming.

I'll give em kudos for even doing a video. Sad when you have to give kudos for them doing what other bands do all the time. They could have easily done no video at all or a lyric video.

Maybe it can somehow go viral but I doubt it. The song is already old news.

The visual style is great, but it's so nuanced and deep that it's almost impossible to extract any real meaning from it

I feel the opposite...

It's shallow and nonsensical. It conveys nothing mentioned in that statement released above. It even goes in circles and repeats itself.

Looking at it from that angle, maybe it does fit the song.

Another reason it can't really properly go with the song even if it wants to is because it's GNR management who helped come up with the idea. Fernando, Beta, and whoever the fuck didn't write the song. They're not visionaries... they're a family who essentially won the lottery.

So instead of an interesting concept/story about child abuse, we get random AI crap thrown at the wall. There's no real narrative here.

Looks like it's getting mixed reactions on YouTube. Not knocking anyone who likes it but I just don't see any meat on the bones.

No...I don't think it would go over better if released by another band.

I do wish Roger Waters was 30-40 years old instead of 80. Now there's a visionary who could've used AI to come up with something interesting to go with his music.

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Re: The General and Monsters

James wrote:

Just watched it again.

Why in the flying fuck does the live footage look so terrible?!? 18

Jesu Christ.

Who came up with the idea to turn Melissa into a boy?

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Re: The General and Monsters

dalethirsty wrote:
James wrote:

Just watched it again.

Why in the flying fuck does the live footage look so terrible?!? 18

looks like they downloaded shit copies of the footage from youtube in 720p and stuck 'em in the video. 14

this thing makes the better video look like november rain. they better not do "monsters" like this. that jam deserves an actual music video.

crazy how they took such a huge step back from the perhaps video, which wasn't even that great either. i guess this is better than the hard school video thing, but there's no way a band this big with all that cash should be putting out such nonsense.

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Re: The General and Monsters

faldor wrote:

I don’t particularly like the video either, but like James said, I give them credit for putting something out there. Even though it doesn’t make sense to put out a video for a song that went thud about a month ago. Not sure why the video and single couldn’t come out together. Would’ve made a lot more sense. They could’ve easily just done nothing, so at least this seems to signal they’re going to acknowledge these new songs in some manner going forward.

I certainly hope “Monsters” gets the attention it deserves whenever that time comes. It might be awhile though.

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Re: The General and Monsters

AgesOfTheIce wrote:

Reddit mods deleted ALL comments on this. Still sucking Fernacunt's dick I see.

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Re: The General and Monsters

Tmgladden wrote:
AgesOfTheIce wrote:

Reddit mods deleted ALL comments on this. Still sucking Fernacunt's dick I see.

Just noticed myself there’s 37 comments but nothing pops up. Mods are little bitches. New video drops an we give our opinions an they wipe the shit away from the ass crack that is the gnr Reddit

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Re: The General and Monsters

jimmythegent wrote:

Garbage song, garbage video.
Embarrassing stuff. I will never watch it again - it gave me a headache. Perhaps was a massive step in the right direction. I would say this is better than nothing but I actually think nothing would have been better.

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Re: The General and Monsters

younggunner wrote:

pump out a few more CD songs and then get ready for the Izzy run on tour and in the studio.

Its very simple (except for the $$ part with Izzy touring) and everyone goes home satisfied/happy

Axl gets his fill with the last of the Chin Dem era
The boys get back together in the studio with Izzy and put together an album or two
Tour with or without Izzy.


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