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Re: Axlin

Axlin16 wrote:
DCK wrote:

Where's Axlin

I've been asking myself this question for 20 something years. tongue

Me_Wise_Magic 91 wrote:
RussTCB wrote:

I got a hold of him via email about a week ago. He said he was dealing with quite a few personal issues. He said he was hoping to be back in action sooner than later.

Damn! Must be rough! Hope things get better for him soon. This community is always here for him when he decides to come back.

It was just alot of stuff real fast and furious. I went from nothing going on, to literally dealing with like 4 big things all at once. The only time I was accessing the internet was to do shopping like all day for different things for me, and other people. From clothes to medical equipment to medication deals, etc. (more on that later)

monkeychow wrote:

Hope he's ok. His absence was very notable.

Wow thanks. I know Russ dropped me a line, and it meant alot. During that time period, no shit, I heard more from Evo and their worries/thoughts than I did people in my own life.

I just come to the realization I have no friends anymore. You guys are more concerned than actual people that live only minutes from me.

I'm not saying that to put any pressure or be dramatic on anyone, I just want to know where you and others stand.

So thanks.

monkeychow wrote:
-D- wrote:

Was he James Holmes???


Hidden Text:

Axlin has more guns

Holmes =


Axlin =


misterID wrote:

I was just thinking this myself.

That I was gone, or that I was James Holmes? 16

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Re: Axlin

Axlin16 wrote:

In a bit of an explanation I went from suddenly doing nothing, to suddenly having to deal with several issues. I won't bore you with the details, but alot of "Dallas"-like drama was involved.

My grandfather (on my mom's side) had a heart attack
--- had to deal with TONS of family drama on that; I swear to God certain family members of mine are the dumbest people alive. I had to be the one to finally transport him home last Thursday. Their was alot of clothes shopping, price finding for meds, and searching for backordered medical equipment on that deal that took alot of time. I would go into more detail on the drama, but i'll leave you with this on it...

Would you give a pacemaker to a man in LATE-STAGE Alzheimer's Disease, to try to keep him alive?

Sure you would... if it involves continuing to receive to a Worker's Compensation check.

I let my opinion at the disgusting nature of it be known, but my opinion doesn't count of course.

Sex Clubs and Fucking the Babysitter
--- I won't name names, but I got thrown into the middle of a nasty divorce between two friends, involving one the bitchy golddigger wife and the husband fucking the babysitter and the underground sex club and drug scene in Orlando with the moderate to very wealthy, while his sick near dead newborn daughter lie in the hospital.

LOTS of drama there. I was asked to try to legally be a witness in court, but ultimately I decided to stay out of it.

The Death of a 20+ Year Friendship
--- Like many of us, we have friends who "change" as they grow older or get married. After taking several years of disrespectful behavior and a lack of appreciation, I told him off, and resciended my best man offer for his wedding. Now he's calling and i'm done. So there was alot of heartache, anger, frustration and drama there.

My own stuff
--- While trying to go back to college for the fall (which i'm now ready to go on), I got thrown into the middle of alot of financial issues where there should've been none. So while dealing with all this other stuff, i'm having to write letters, go back and forth legally (because phone calls and e-mails aren't enough in 2012), and dealing with that.

Trust me, there's alot more elaboration I could give that would drop your jaws, turn your stomachs, or make you laugh or scream out loud. It wasn't a "good time", but it was enough that I could provide an entire season of scripts for Dallas or The Newsroom, that's for sure.

Either way, thanks for all your thoughts, and I should have more time now. All issues have been resolved... for now.

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Re: Axlin

tejastech08 wrote:

Glad to see you get your ass to the TWAT subforum. I posted a thread about AFD at 25 and curious to read your thoughts. I also posted in the Rapidfire thread. You might be interested to see what's in there.

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Re: Axlin

That's awful that you had to go through that living hell! sad I can understand the whole college situation and the stresses of it. My financials always keep getting fucked up and registering for classes can always be a pain. Take care man, hope life turns around!

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Re: Axlin

Axlin16 wrote:

Yeah i'll get in there Tejas, and thanks again for the return welcome.

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Re: Axlin

supaplex wrote:

nice to have you back, man.

hope everything calms down in your life and you can have some drama-free time from now on.

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Re: Axlin

Furbush wrote:

Don't you EVER fucking give us a scare like that again, sir... tongue

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Re: Axlin

Aussie wrote:

Good to see you back Axlin and sorry to hear of the dramas. When life serves up these challenges it sure puts shit like GNR and their carry on into perspective.

I also reckon crises sure show peoples true colours. You find out a lot about people and what they are made of during those times.

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Re: Axlin

otto wrote:

Good that it's calm enough that you have time and mind to be around here, Axlin.

Keep looking up and rocking out and good luck on solving those god damn issues.

Re: Axlin

johndivney wrote:

music is ur friend.

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