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Mama's Good Boy
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Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

That was one kickass rendition of Out Ta Get Me.

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Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

mitchejw wrote:
Smoking Guns wrote:

For the record: 69-74 Stones is the greatest band to ever set foot on this planet. They are known as the Mick Taylor years and that was a power house band.

Truer words were never spoken my they went from exile on main st to goat's to let it bleed....they basically made making music look easy.....EASY!!!

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Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

faldor wrote:
johndivney wrote:
faldor wrote:
AtariLegend wrote:

I guess people might feel differently about this when they're actually at a show, but what are people's thoughts on the pyro and the dancers?

I approve only if they follow the Roger Waters blueprint. He would get kids from the local city's children's choir to sing on each stop of "The Wall" tour. So as long as Guns is giving the honor to a few local down on their luck strippers on each stop, I'm fine with it. It could be the jolt they need to take their career to the next level. Paying it forward.

Haha love it

Thanks. Put out my "A" material there and you're the only one who noticed. Tough crowd. 18

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