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Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

AtariLegend wrote:

Last gig before Axl takes off for AC/DC European Tour and hopefully the last one gig where he's chair bound.


Oh if you missed the official stream last weekend (...and apparently the festival keep deleting youtube videos) here's a good version to stream. … _roses.mp4

If you're interested in the other acts last weekend try;

From reddit.

1. It's So Easy
2. Mr. Brownstone
3. Chinese Democracy
4. Welcome To The Jungle
5. Double Talkin' Jive
6. Estranged
7. Live And Let Die
8. Rocket Queen
9. You Could Be Mine
10. New Rose (with "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" Intro)
11. This I Love
12. Coma
13. Godfather Theme
14. Sweet Child O' Mine
15. Civil War
16. Better
17. Wish You Were Here  (Richard Fortus and Slash)
18. November Rain
19. Out Ta Get Me
20. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
21. Nightrain
22. Don't Cry
23. Used To Love Her
24. The Seeker
25. Paradise City

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Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

Dadud wrote:

seems like this ones going to be streamed. its up on the official schedule as "TBD" on

Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

AtariLegend wrote:

They're supposed to filming select gigs in 360 as well so you can see the lifeless crowd taking selfies with friends. I'm going to go out on the limb and assume that doesn't happen for Guns.

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Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

polluxlm wrote:

Thanks for stream link.

Smoking Guns
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Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

Smoking Guns wrote:

You call also stream on XM radio channel 18

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Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

James wrote:

I don't get the concept of having identical lineups 2 weeks in a row. They could at least shuffle everything around weekend 2.

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Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

misterID wrote:

I read GNR is going to do a big Prince tribute tonight and it's going to rain purple.

Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

AtariLegend wrote:

Guns N’ Roses Planning Tribute To Prince At Coachella This Weekend

Guns N’ Roses is going to make it rain purple on Weekend 2 of Coachella! The hard rocking band is planning a beautiful tribute to Prince during their set, as a source tells us EXCLUSIVELY! Could other bands be doing the same?
Coachella headliners Guns N’ Roses are going to take the time to do something extra special during their surely epic set on Weekend 2 of the music festival. Though they’ve got plenty of their own hits to smash through, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that the band is going to pay tribute to the late, great Prince at some point during their show! Click through for all the details!

Coachella Weekend 2 starts two days after Prince tragically died at the age of 57, on April 21. With the loss of the music legend still fresh and painful, it’s perfectly understandable that the purple one is on the minds of everyone at the music festival — including the guys from Guns N’ Roses. That’s why they want to pay tribute to their fellow ’80s rock star!

“Slash is planning to have his guitar solo [during the show] be a tribute to Prince, and GNR is looking to do most likely ‘Purple Rain’ as a tribute during Coachella this weekend,” the source told EXCLUSIVELY. Whoa! Prince and Guns N’ Roses are two acts that you wouldn’t expect to mesh well together, but we have total and utter faith that their take on “Purple Rain” would be so cool. Think about Axl Rose‘s voice!

Source: … ella-dead/

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Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

bigbri wrote:

I was just coming to this thread to predict GNR would do "When Doves Cry" with Axl at the piano. "Purple Rain" will be good though.

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Re: 23/4/16 COACHELLA - Weekend 2

monkeychow wrote:

Purple Rain in Axl's voice will sound impressive for sure.

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