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Re: Conspiracy Thread

Rocky wrote:

This is the place for all of your wacky conspiracy theories!

Trump colluded with Russia
Hillary owned a child sex shop
Epstein didn't kill himself
9/11 was an inside job
Sandyhook were paid crisis actors
The moon landing was fake
XYZ Killed Kennedy
Melania has a body double

Please use this thread to posts your out of this world conspiracies about the Illuminati!  But be respectful.  You're not allowed to address the intelligence of the poster or absurdity of their claim, no matter how wild!  Extraordinary claims needing extraordinary evidence is for the people who like to think.  In this thread we know!

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Re: Conspiracy Thread

IRISH OS1R1S wrote:

Flagg, the game is up. Not that it ever started. Weak.

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