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Re: New Slash - Theme from “Love Story”

Axl S wrote:

I'm at the point now where whenever any GN'R member releases a solo thing, all I think is - what about a new GN'R release?

It's become the elephant in the room now. Since the reunion both Slash and Duff have done a solo release each. Now Slash has another due out in 2021. This would all be fine but the expectation has been set that there will be new Guns music at some point - if so, where is it? At the least where is some news on it?

If there isn't going to be any new Guns songs for the next few years or ever, that is also fine IF they actually say something about it. Having Slash and Duff do interviews the past year or two saying something is actually in the works and having Duff's wife on podcasts talking about it just makes it feel like fans are being led on.

As I've said repeatedly and often, the new album is effectively a piece of promo for the tour. If they can't tour because of COVID, what's the point in releasing the album?

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Re: New Slash - Theme from “Love Story”

Wagszilla wrote:

Axl S seems to be talking in broad strokes there.

But many other major acts have released music during 2020.

This is going to shock you but there used to be a rock band that released an album called Rock n’ Band LIES because their full-length album was taking so long.

The inability to release music, quality merchandise, and baseline communicate with their fan base if not 2016-2020 then certainly 2018-2019 is a symptom of a deeper issue.

I don’t begrudge them wanting to make money and time it up with the tour but I do begrudge the above and laziness. Record a new song. This is your job. Call it Double Trumpin Jive. And “COVID ate our album plans” excuse can easily turn into “the second wave ate our album plans” or “yeah we’ve reopened but the stadiums are only half full ate our album plans”.

At the end of the day, you have enough bread. Maybe share some with the ducks.

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche!

Quack quack!

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Re: New Slash - Theme from “Love Story”

So, finally got around to listening to this – it's nicely played but I agree the tone is a bit… reedy. I wonder if it's a consequence of him recording in a home studio during lockdown, or something? Or if it's an artistic choice.

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Re: New Slash - Theme from “Love Story”

Neemo wrote:

Is it a cover of a movie theme or is it his own song? Looks like the movie came out in 1970

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