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Re: Absurd

James wrote:
Wagszilla wrote:

The 2006 stuff was the best. For a brief moment, they got professional help.

But the Absurd video board is a good sign. I hope they continue to pay for quality design and video work.

I know there's a cheap and tacky feel to the artwork but I think that's by design....

Like Chinese knockoffs.

I think the 2006 logos were so professional because it was supposed to be a reunion until they had to go with plan b.

Yeah I paid closer attention to the Absurd video and that background stuff is pretty bad ass.

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Re: Absurd

FlashFlood wrote:

The only exciting thing is Axl referred to it as a new song. I still don’t believe a recording will see the light of day in the near future.

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Re: Absurd

FlashFlood wrote:

By the way - great, compact show. An easy take. Lot’s of fluff cut out. They don’t need to prove anything with 3 hour marathons at this point.

Axl S
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Re: Absurd

Axl S wrote:

I keep thinking about the state of Shacklers in 2000, where it’s basically two idea parts of a song looped. One part eventually is reworked and becomes the basis for the verse and the other part becomes the screechy intro. The rest of the song we got in 2008 nowhere to be heard.

Some songs in those village sessions are genuinely finished songs ready for a final mix and master. Others like State of Grace are maybe at the demo stage. Others are just half baked ideas for parts of songs looped over and over.

Shacklers only apparently got vocals in that 06-08 period and by then became a real song.

Then I look at those village sessions, how many tracks are just rough ideas of songs looped over and over and how many are instrumentals just waiting for vocals. I think he has a lot more in the can than we ever gave him credit for and I’m excited that we might finally get to hear it all in some state.

If Silkworms can come back, anything can. We all shit on things like Nothing, Thyme and Billionaire when in reality we know nothing about that’s those became.

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Re: Absurd

misterID wrote:

Watched a better video, Richard kicks ass. He and Slash have a good chemistry here.

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Re: Absurd

Scabbie wrote:

Is it me or is Axl using some kind of voice effect on this? I get it’s his deep voice but it also sounds a little distorted

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Re: Absurd

misterID wrote:

Not from the video I saw. They were using his recorded screams though.

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Re: Absurd

Neemo wrote:

I think he just has a shit ton of reverb on for that song...I notice he wasn't screaming the screams...just a sample? Or am I mistaken? Cool they added something "new" to the setlist tho

Still reminds me of The Prodigy -  Firestarter

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Re: Absurd

1st thing I thought was Axl lurking our forum, about us bitching?

Is pussy full of maggots, lyric gone? If so I get it. Kind of sounds sexist, and me too.

But, I now might be tempted to see them if the border opens, I’ll be at the Detroit show.

Good on you Axl for not being a Mike Love but, a Brian Wilson.

Fans of your craft like your weird shit man. Nostalgia tours eat shit.

Follow that muse.

Reworking a song isn’t a bad thing. Anyhow, positive that they played it. Sure we should be cynical due to the output of this band.

Hope this ignites a fire.  It’s far too easy to be a band like the Eagles, and the touring Beach Boys, and any other nostalgic fucks.

Hopefully this is a start of Guns N’ Roses weird shit, and rocking shit new albums.

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Re: Absurd

Tortilla_Man wrote:

Great show overall in Boston last night.

This surprised the shit outta me
after the disaster at Hershey Park.

Slash, and rest of the band were on fire last night.
Much improved all the way around.
Better tempos, flawless transitions, and Slash's lead guitar playing was better than he sounded in years.

The new video/light show was on point,
and also a huge improvement over NITL.
Once in got dark the lights and the projectors created these holograph looking 3-D backgrounds that looked amazing.

And of course the performance of the new-ish song "Absurd" was the biggest surprise of the night.

Lets hope the tour continues on this upward projectory.

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