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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

Yeah, I agree - and hopefully the almost universally positive response from the fans to the low voice will give him the confidence to change it up. They've also lucked out in having Melissa there – she can take the high vocal lines in the choruses while he delivers the power in the low end.

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

Looks like the Glasgow gig's been called off:

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

DtM51 wrote:

Apparently Fortus said that Axl damaged his vocal chords, probably due to the bad sound in London.

Maybe now is the time to get vocal surgery done? Sounds like it may be inevitable anyways.

Maybe this will lead to greatly improved vocals in the future, like Steven Tyler and Adele for example..

Regardless hope everything works out good for Axl and the band.

Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

Sky Dog wrote:

That’s not good and I’m still waiting on those songs Slash said were coming.

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

vipicius wrote:

Axl won't be Steven Tyler if he has surgery. Axl is baritone, the high voice and the rasp are things he made up because he's crazy. But I also thought about it. lol

His high-pitched voice is not ''natural'' to him, perhaps that's why he's always changed his voice over time, adapting as his strings change. Hence the instability from a young age. The voice of 85-86 is high, powerful, clean and magnificent, the rasp was not yet present. I wonder if that voice would be more stable.

Anyway, interesting things for him to talk about in an autobiography.
I hope things get resolved soon. Health first.

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

monkeychow wrote:

Yeah it's interesting, I think he said once or at least it was said somewhere about him, that he learned to sing high in church or a religious school setting or something and he would mess around with the high part from the bass section and watch other people get in trouble for messing it up.

So the high voice is a skill he seems to have had since very young.

But it's interesting that he seemed to do it clean in the early 80s, then the raspy stuff in the 1990s, from early 200x I think is when the super high range stuff seemed to be featured (the opening jungle scream, the twat scream, the irs scream, the mac daddy screams etc) - to my untrained ear I'd say there was some technique associated with that stuff - like Axl had maybe learned to push his voice to the max to see where it goes. This is the same type of voice he did for ac/dc - it's kind of scream centred and raspy and very high but also musical.

It seemed to stop working for a time somewhere around late 2016 or early 2017 there were times he'd go for it and it would crack slightly, and then he soon swapped to the mickey style voice again that uses the high range but without as much grit. Since about 2019 or so he's sort of had a hybrid scream - it's somewhere in between the 200x scream and the mickey. Did it a lot on shadow of your love live in the middle part and in a few other places. It seemed a good compromise in that it has the agressive raspy character of the older scream but seemed more vocally possible in the way of the mickey voice. I've been wondering if he invented this as a thing to try out or if it's actually that he's doing the 200x scream but that's just what comes out at this age or after this much vocal use...etc.

I might be full of shit. I would love him to discuss the 'behind the scenes' of what he goes through vocally one day. One thing is obvious to me is that as much as we give him shit around here at times - I think he really has been trying his damndest. These songs are extremely hard to sing and a number of them seem to have been written to push him to his limits at the time. Like most people can't sing this range AT ALL let alone with the kinda rasp and timbre he had in his prime. Then he's done it for decades and in all states of health and obviously at times pushed himself past what's in his best interests.

So i mean i get why people are disappointed as we'd all love prime Axl to come out, even Axl i bet, but I feel he deserves some slack as well, he's not trying to piss people off it's just kinda an impossible mission at this point to sing like we need him to.

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

In this order: rest up, get the vocal cord surgery, tighten up the sets and rework the songs to either make use of the baritone voice or transpose them down into a more doable vocal range. Health comes first.

And I've always been less interested in vocal gymnastics than in dynamics - what I like about Axl (and, say, Scott Weiland, who could never approach Axl's range) is the passion in the vocals. If I wanted to see GN'R songs performed note-perfect but with a complete absence of emotion I'd go see Myles Kennedy.

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

misterID wrote:

This. Fucking this. He needs to sing like this ALL THE TIME.

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

otto wrote:
elevendayempire wrote:

You're Crazy:

This actually sounds good...

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Re: GN’R 2022 Tour Thread

Izzyjim wrote:

Axl should definitely own it, it adds a very needed fresh perspective to the songs

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