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Re: Frank Ferrer

Frank Ferrer


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Noteable Appearances

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Frank was born March 25, 1966 and raised in New York. Rumor has it that he attended a Kiss Concert at age 11 and decided that he wanted to become a musician.

In 1992 he joined a band called Love Spit Love which featured a guitarist by the name of Richard Fortus. Since then he has gone on to play with other bands such as the second incarnation of the Psychedelic Furs and Honky Toast (both of those bands also featured Richard), The Beautiful, The The, Pisser, The Compulsions, Robi "Draco" Rosa, Sarah Clifford and Gordan Gano. He has also toured with Doro Pesch and Tommy Stinson.

In October of 2006, Frank Ferrer joined Guns N' Roses during their European Tour to replace Bryan "Brian" Mantia, who had returned to the United States for personal reasons.

Since then Frank has went on to record drum parts for the Chinese Democracy album.

Aside from guns and the bands listed above, Frank has also worked with other artists including Rebecca Blasband, Jive Jones, Sarah Clifford and GanoRyan.

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