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metallex78 Poll: Best Metallica Album '83-'91 Era

Hell yeah, Justice kicks ass!!!

+ 371 weeks ago
RaZor Poll: Best Metallica Album '83-'91 Era


+ 371 weeks ago
polluxlm In a perfect world.


+ 374 weeks ago
monkeychow Bugs Skully (Monkeychow's Band)

great thoughts thanks man

+ 381 weeks ago
Bro-mero GN'R Twitter Updates


+ 382 weeks ago
BLS-Pride Superman Thread.

supes link

+ 387 weeks ago
RaZor Duke it out

\\m/ \\m/

+ 387 weeks ago
polluxlm May 24th Evo SotW

haha, guess I do. Never thought about it like that.

+ 387 weeks ago
faldor Duke it out

good points

+ 387 weeks ago
polluxlm The Video Game Console Thread

Thanks for the suggestions

+ 388 weeks ago
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