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Smoking Guns
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Re: GN'R Twitter Updates

Smoking Guns wrote:


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Re: GN'R Twitter Updates

Axlin16 wrote:

Considering promoters used those AFD promo publicity stills of the band for years to market the 2001-02/2006-07 bands on tour... it's probably not that big of a deal to them.

Regardless, there pictures should be there. DJ, Ron, Richard, Tommy, Frank, Dizzy & Chris play THEIR songs every night anyways.

While they're at it, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Brian Johnson, Angus Young... should all be officially added to Guns N' Roses the band, despite to being actually added. GN'R play their songs more at this point than GN'R songs.

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Re: GN'R Twitter Updates

DCK wrote:

Angus Bumblefoot Young

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Re: GN'R Twitter Updates

synapse wrote:

Guns N' Roses@gunsnroses
Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a Vimeo of Used To Love Her that surely every German studying English should observe

Sorry I am late dad & Mom of Kin. Screw Valentine for 345 days and celebrate it on the 14th but anyway, Happy Valentine's day with mom!! I will turn 33 this year, bring this peel off to your delusional life and fuck yourself euphemistically 33 times whatever was that you had the impression you thought you knew, as if I ever truly cared what was that you were saying anyway and 2012 was the year I was going to start doing so~  14 

Dance this beautiful Waltz with mum, this songen has even got lyric, incase you dont speak the English well.
Great ballad, dont it?  20  20  20

Sincerely yours,

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Re: GN'R Twitter Updates

BLS-Pride wrote:

Your dance here is over.

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Re: GN'R Twitter Updates

Gibbo wrote:


16 minutes ago
Sorry I've been quiet lately, been working around the clock creating a bunch of new and exciting things for the future  Miss you all!!!

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Re: GN'R Twitter Updates

Interesting. Could dj be recording more demos in his studio or with some of the band to give to axl ? Hopefully it's something GNR related.

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Re: GN'R Twitter Updates

smoke wrote:

He could also just be Bedazzling some jeans...

Re: GN'R Twitter Updates

AtariLegend wrote:

Axl tweeted about the Mayweather fight at the weekend, it got abit of press. … h-20150504

The fight for those who didn't see it was extremely anti climatic, Mayweather just jumped around the ring blocking Pac, who missed alot. Mayweather won on points, it was the most expensive fight ever. Obviously since Axl didn't like the fight, there's a MYGNR thread filled with outrage about Axl posting on twitter now and again instead of doing a reunion.

Smoking Guns
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Re: GN'R Twitter Updates

Smoking Guns wrote:

That fight was fucking bullshit.

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