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Bono How does Oh My God stand up to the CD material?


+ 614 weeks ago
monkeychow Dexter's New Rant @ mygnr

agree 100%

+ 616 weeks ago
James Removed or deleted

great post

+ 616 weeks ago
Bono Removed or deleted

+ I had the Swastika refrence in my post but took it out.  Glad I wasn't the only one thinking it

+ 617 weeks ago
Gong Removed or deleted

good post

+ 618 weeks ago
Sky Dog The 2009 NFL Season Thread

funny...."and we heard it here last!"

+ 620 weeks ago
misterID Ashba -- Worst Guitarist Ever in GnR ? -- TIL Youtube clip

great robin/ashba post

+ 625 weeks ago
James The 2009 NFL Season Thread


+ 628 weeks ago
war From


+ 630 weeks ago
James 1st listen to CD in awhile...

You're a great preacher to my choir....

+ 631 weeks ago
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