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mitchejw What GNR songs are still in your rotation?

Down on the Farm is a kick ass tune

+ 362 weeks ago
apex-twin Last book you read...


+ 461 weeks ago
-D- Corey Taylor bashes Scott Weiland

Very well said on Corey taylor.

+ 647 weeks ago
Axlin16 Most Anticipated Album of 2012

Nostradamus love again

+ 647 weeks ago
Axlin16 Corey Taylor bashes Scott Weiland

14 I like Corey, but that was damn good!

+ 647 weeks ago
metallex78 VR to reunite with Scott for 'A Concert For John O'Brien'

yep, Shangri-La Dee Da is STP's best!

+ 650 weeks ago
monkeychow VR update

Excellent...goodluck with it man!

+ 657 weeks ago
Axlin16 Google To Index Facebook Comments As Search Results

14 right on

+ 658 weeks ago
Axlin16 Jonathan M. Heller and BG&C

Halloween III sdtk is one of my top-10 "albums" ever

+ 659 weeks ago
Neemo Jonathan M. Heller and BG&C

pretty cool smile

+ 659 weeks ago
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