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metallex78 Alternate artwork (NEW scans inside!)

Yep, we're a top bunch!

+ 680 weeks ago
Gong Alice's take on Axl


+ 718 weeks ago
Gong Chinese Democracy to be rereleased March 2nd

according to

- 748 weeks ago
Neemo Chinese Democracy "On the schedule"


+ 830 weeks ago
polluxlm Chinese Democracy "On the schedule"

Jesus christ, I almost fell off the chair!!!

+ 830 weeks ago
PaSnow A Random Forum Post about Finck

Good post. I don't get the Robin hate. Seems like a decent guy. Plus Better is good.

+ 831 weeks ago
Sky Dog Let the reunion rumors roll...

"natts piss away"-too funny

+ 835 weeks ago
James SLASH Comments On Being 'Snubbed' By DR. PEPPER


+ 836 weeks ago
James says Sept. 1st for Democracy...


+ 838 weeks ago
Neemo Richard talks GnR in Japanese Magazines

cheers, someone who shares my sentiments 5

+ 838 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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