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polluxlm Will GNR release new music in 2021?


+ 13 weeks ago
dalethirsty Will GNR release new music in 2021?

right on, thanks

+ 23 weeks ago
otto New Album Thread

Always good info and insights

+ 111 weeks ago
Will New Album Thread

No worries, thanks for the summary smile

+ 118 weeks ago
misterID New Album Thread

Great thread!

+ 119 weeks ago
Izzyjim New Album Thread

Great work !

+ 119 weeks ago
RaZor New Album Thread

Great thread

+ 119 weeks ago
dalethirsty Will new music be released in 2019?

terminator soundtrack imo

+ 130 weeks ago
slcpunk Site upgrade and ignore feature


+ 192 weeks ago
Axlin16 The Chinese Democracy Sequel References Thread

Typical internet. Whether it\'s this or Wikipedia. Always bullshit.

+ 193 weeks ago
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