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Gong Best Album of the 80s Elimination- Round 10

lol, cute

+ 774 weeks ago
Furbush Best Album of the 80s Elimination- Round 3

hell yes... why didn't a GOOD VH record make it.. like fair warning

+ 775 weeks ago
James CD Track Mogg Remixes?

Awesome pic. Just now saw this post.

+ 775 weeks ago
Furbush Sebastian Bachs Finest Moment

great track... never even HEARD of it before

+ 776 weeks ago
Axlin16 Classic Rock talks to Slash about Weiland, VR and Solo Disk


+ 776 weeks ago
misterID Story about a fan talking with Axl

2nd album post

+ 777 weeks ago
Neemo So where does GN'R stand right now and what is the current news?


+ 777 weeks ago
monkeychow Q&A with Richard Fortus

I agree 100%

+ 777 weeks ago
Gong Q&A with Richard Fortus

no bashing from me. you talk sense.

+ 777 weeks ago
James Chris Cornell on Axl Rose

T Rex.....

+ 778 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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