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supaplex Calgary, Alberta, Canada - January 16, 2010 (Pengrowth Saddledome)

for the updates

+ 562 weeks ago
Communist China Most Recent Movie You've Seen

Seen that a half dozen times. Truly a great awful film that everyone should see.

+ 562 weeks ago
Bono Year End Billboard Charts

Common sense prevails

+ 563 weeks ago
PaSnow New Year's Resolutions

U2 sucks. Haha, good one.

+ 564 weeks ago
Gunslinger Random Chit Chat Thread III: Jarmo's Revenge


+ 576 weeks ago
James Fortus and Ferrer's New Band The Compulsions (Slams Chi Dem)


+ 583 weeks ago
BLS-Pride Is it gay...

shit on the d

+ 608 weeks ago
Bono VR section: Yes or No?

That was a hilarious post about not getting rid of the Gn'R section in the VR poll thread. Nice.

+ 623 weeks ago
Bono The Album Leaked

Thanks Backslash. was able to grab it off russtcb's link though.   Go Habs! haha

+ 623 weeks ago
Furbush Chinese Democracy Liner Note Discussions *EXTREME SPOILERS*

well said..

+ 625 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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