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Communist China GNR, Rock Band, the VMAs and 4 albums


+ 621 weeks ago
A Private Eye GNR, Rock Band, the VMAs and 4 albums


+ 621 weeks ago
monkeychow Shackler's Revenge: REALLY confirmed

You know I will too wink

+ 624 weeks ago
James Shackler's Revenge: REALLY confirmed


+ 624 weeks ago
buzzsaw Shackler's Revenge: REALLY confirmed


+ 624 weeks ago
Slashisvr Shackler's Revenge: REALLY confirmed

cheers for clearing that up man

+ 624 weeks ago
Smoking Guns Overall feelings on the CD era songs....

Fucking Classic... A supermodel he dated for a year... HA!!

+ 627 weeks ago
James High School girls make pact to get pregnant

funny, but true.

+ 627 weeks ago
CrimeSlunkScene Ha, I just got banned from HTGH

I'm sorry.

+ 633 weeks ago
DoubleTalkingJive NEW MEMBERS introduce yourself here

One the funniest lines I have read on here in a long time!

+ 636 weeks ago
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