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#1 Re: The Sunset Strip » The Video Game Console Thread » 13 days ago

I’d love to get into gta:o again but I can’t commit to it, to an online/multiplayer game. +I don’t want to have to relearn the techniques and new ones. + it’s too weighted pay to win/pay to play.
I still have it installed and still get notifications of updates but I just can’t.Wouldnt mind learning how to play the races & never did doomsday stuff.

Even tho it is a massive cash cow for r* fair play to them for keeping it going this far into the thing. If it we subscription model rather than micro transactions & had more pve then I’d probably sign up but as is I’d rather try other things.
Shark cards must be insanely lucrative for them. Seems they haven’t been able to replicate success in RDR:O yet.

I do miss it tho. It doesn’t get a lot of love but it’s easily some of most fun I’ve had in video games since I was a kid. Proper sandbox/playground. So much scope for funny shit. Best game. Even golf conjures up funny total wtf memories. Christ I loved that game.
GTA:v itself was really incredible too.

#2 Re: The Sunset Strip » The Video Game Console Thread » 2 weeks ago

Did God of War after RDR2 & while I enjoyed it lot, thought it suffered badly in comparison. Great game in its own right. Only serious complaint I had was that the map was terrible. I loved how streamlined the game was & thought it maybe would’ve benefited more so from that approach and cut down on the relatively small amount of side quests. I know it’s hard to justify a AAAgame that lasts 12-20 hours without padding but if ever there was an opportunity then how was it.
Great game but as far as goty 2018 it’s hard to look past what rdr2 had to offer. Would like some extra content for it actually. Quite miss Arthur. Seriously great writing & performance. Raised the bar all over the place that game. Except in gameplay & weapon wheel obv. Still brilliant.

Trying to clear back catalogue atm. Did watchdogs 2 which was really crappy.

Haven’t ventured into anthem or apex legends. Loved titanfall 2 so not surprised apex legends getting so much love.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Richard: 'Get An Album Out Soon' » 2 weeks ago

Tomorrow never comes.

(It’s just another day like today).

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Happy 10th anniversary, Chinese Democracy! » 5 weeks ago

dalethirsty wrote:

finck talked about how frustrated he was working on instrumental songs with no titles.

personally, i'd LOVE to hear those. those guys killed hundreds of hours in the studio waiting for axl to show up. i can only imagine they put together some monster instrumentals.

i want to hear what they jammed on after taking this photo:

it really is crazy... the amount of material recorded by guns n roses compared to the amount of material the band released is absolutely disproportionate.

is there any other band like that?

zombux is right though... we're never gonna hear shit. it's just really unfortunate because axl assembled a mutant team of the world's most talented freaks and we only heard a fucking fraction of what they put together.

zombux wrote:

yep, totally agree. what a waste of... pretty much everything involved - people, talents, time, money, everything.

Totally disagree.
The last thing the world needs is demos of Robin Finck on lead guitar.
CD was worth it. If TWAT was all that ever arrived it was worth the $13mil.

Yea there’s maybe cool tunes in the vault (there isn’t) but so what? There was far more spillage & wastefulness than anything worth saving. You really don’t want to hear the instrumentals of Finck/Tommy/Freese. If you do you really need other interests.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Happy 10th anniversary, Chinese Democracy! » 5 weeks ago

What if he ain’t crazy?
Still crazy after all these years. Just a little more sedated.
I wanna be sedated.

Slash wasn’t running his mouth from ‘95 onwards?? Tho he kinda was.. + damage was done & took this long to heal whatever the wounds were & clarify the bs. + his ex wife + Scott.
Izzy was short changed re NITL but he was first to walk so gotta pay the price I guess..?? Third Guitar Man!

& for all the excuses how come he never decided there’s no time like the present? We seem to have given him every other excuse.
He couldn’t get his head right. Couldn’t handle his own ego, the reasons for that are numerous & done to death & decisions made.

Great album tho. The guy knows his rock n roll. Long live the king!

#6 Re: The Garden » Thinking of giving up Netflix » 6 weeks ago

All I have is Netflix as well.
& am thinking of getting rid of it. Only things it’s good for for me are BoJack & IASIP & Rick n Morty. Too much crappy original content not enough proper stuff. Friends? Fuck that shit.
Black Mirror Bandersnatch was cool. Bird box was fucking awful.
Saul is really great but it’s not really Netflix original.
Now they’re transitioning to awful celebrity quiz shows seems it’s time is up seems more bargain bin brain dead trashy shit than proper service with decent catalogue. + why decent search engine buried behind browser manipulation, puts shit up front.

E.g. South Park was great this year. That’s the problem too much stuff spread over too many providers. Amazon etc too expensive. Film industry still not caught up to piracy.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » new gnr song debuted » 6 weeks ago

Sir Mick ain’t carrying the baggage Axl is.
Axl’s doin more than alright.

Comparisons don’t do any of us any favours.

Having said that.. Axls looney toons spot is infinitely cool than jaggers simpsons spot.

And I mean jaggers last decent album was 1972. Axls last decent album was.......

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » new gnr song debuted » 8 weeks ago

Is first page people ripping the piss?
That’s Bugs Bunny on lead & Porky on rhythm. Dunno who is on drums or who the bear is??
P cool I think. He does a great job & even gets to do that’s all folks!

They still do looney tunes as intro live?

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