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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Axl at the Chinese Exchange » 206 weeks ago

I very much appreciate the "new" Axl Rose.  He is a human being like anyone of us, subject to the same feelings and emotions we all go through in our's just he is constantly under the microscope because of his fame and past history.  I couldn't do it.  I'm loving 2016 and everything we have been seeing thus far.  The AC/DC gig was a pleasant turn of events and he's killed it!  It makes sense for him to do both Guns and AC/DC, which God-willing, leads to new music on both sides.  Hearing him say he is back with a vocal coach after 20 years to help him be able to sing the Back in Black material tells us how serious he is to do right by the music and the fans in order to give us the best performance possible and do justice to them.  That is part of his perfectionism.  I found it interesting as well that he purposely changed up his vocals to sing cleaner and with much less rasp on the CD material and all songs in general.  I always thought is was because of the abuse of singing that way for years may have led him to have to change up his vocals just to save his voice.  I was wrong there.  He feels the fans did not receive his vocals as well as they might have had he maintained his pre CD vocal style.  I like both myself and think it really depends on the song.  Like when he sings Bon Scott era songs and strives to match Bon as well as when he sings Brian Johnson and strives to match the recorded version.  Hearing him sing Back in Black and Thunderstruck is freaking amazing!  It's menacing, lol!  I love it.  Take nothing away from Brian either because he is a legend in his own right.  We have a lot to be excited about with GnR.  It will be awesome to watch it as it all unfolds.  I cannot wait until July 12th to catch them in Pittsburgh, PA.  I saw the "new" band back in 2011 and was very happy with that version of that band.  But now?  Wow!!!  Never would have thought a year ago, I'd ever get to see Axl and Slash together.  It's great to be a die hard fan!

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Axl Rose joins AC/DC » 208 weeks ago

I too, have been paying very close attention to Axl's vocals throughout these shows.  I think it's common sense that it all boils down to needing more rest in between gigs, and that is just not a luxury afforded to Axl with AC/DC's schedule.  I am sure he is doing all the things he has learned to do to rest, recover and "heal" while on a two or three day break.  He has sounded absolutely amazing 99.9% of these shows.  It really has just been over the past two, maybe three shows that one can notice some strain and/or vocal changes on certain songs at certain parts.  Especially on the Back in Black songs like Hells Bells or Shoot to Thrill.  Not so much with the Bon Scott era tunes, if any at all.  They actually allow him a break.  Hopefully he is not doing any damage to himself, as that would clearly suck for the upcoming Guns tour.  He does seem to fall back on the "mickey" way of singing whenever he is feeling strained.  He is actually quite lucky he has that option.  Brian Johnson did not! He would simply sing down an octave.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » ROGER DALTREY On AXL ROSE Singing For AC/DC: 'Give Me A Break' » 210 weeks ago

Daltrey needs to take a moment and listen to Axl with AC/DC before making foolish comments.  He couldn't hold a candle to Axl's vocal in his best days with the Who.  I'd rather hear two cats fighting then to hear him sing now, it's pretty bad.  Just my opinion.

#4 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » "I quit the oldies band" - Chris Pitman » 210 weeks ago

Chris Pitman was the "appendix" while he was in GnR.  You could live with him ok, but you most certainly could live just fine without him!  He is not missed.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » 13/05/16 Marseille, France - AC/DC with Axl » 210 weeks ago

I fully agree!  Axl vocally is sounding better then ever, especially looking over the past 15 years.  I was under the false impression that he no longer had as much control over the rasp part of his vocal.  Boy was I way wrong.  He gives you the best of Bon and Brian in one package.  There is no reason for him not to continue with the band after all the make up dates and continue do both the reunited Guns and AC/DC.  He has already put it out there.  I think he has more than won over the guys and Angus will be quite happy to have him stay on for a new album and anything else down the road.  For Axl, there is no pressure here for him other than to just sing.  I think he may very well be enjoying this role of less responsibility.  Think about it.  He is not in charge, so there are no decisions to make band wise.  He is singing for his heroes, a dream come true.  Axl provides a B-12 shot of energy into an aging band that had a lot of question marks recently.  As did Guns for that matter.  This is an exciting time indeed for rock music.  Axl is such a larger than life, polarizing figure.  He is intriguing to say the least.  I sure hope I have to opportunity to see this new incarnation of AC/DC after I see him on the Guns tour.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Discussion of Axl's Voice: Only When It Was Funny? » 210 weeks ago

My first post here, I LOVE how Axl sounds with AC/DC!  It's freaking awesome!!!  Take nothing away from Brian, that guy gave his heart and soul to that band all these years, and sang that harsh vocal style night after night.  That has taken its toll as it would on any singer, regardless of any hearing issues.  It's just a very abusive way to sing. Look at Tom Kiefer from Cinderella and all the problems he has had.   Axl has had vocal issues, as is well known.  Back in 2006, he lost his voice before some shows and Sebastian Bach helped him out by getting with his doctor and/or vocal coach.  I certainly don't know all the details, but Axl regained his form rather quickly.  Axl is a perfectionist and will do whatever it takes to perform at the highest level.  He would have never offered his services to Angus and the gang is he didn't know he could sing those songs.  What's amazing is he gives you the best of Bon Scott along with Brian Johnson. He sounds like Brian did in his prime!  I've listened to the three concerts he has done with AC/DC and he is getting STRONGER, in my opinion.  I honestly bieleve he will finish these shows with them in great form and be all the more ready to hit the tour with GnR, who I will be seeing on July 12th in Pittsburgh.  If anything, this experience will prepare him even more for his bands tour.  Yes, time catches us all and takes its toll.  No matter who you are.  But he has really got his act together on many levels.  I like what I'm seeing and I like what I am hearing.  I hope he does record new material with Guns soon!  I am also not opposed to him recording an album with AC/DC should Angus ask him to do that.  Why not? What a great honor for him.  All the naysayers who are judging him from his past, I get it.  Easy thing to do.  But he is not going to blow this, no way, no how.  And I agree, seeing Guns with any other singer besides Axl, I couldn't accept that real well.  But AC/DC, like Van Halen, are one of the few bands who has made smart decisions when it comes to replacing their singer.  Angus is no dummy and neither is Axl.  If it rock and sounds amazing, go for it!  GnR and AC/DC are my two favorite bands.  I feel bad for Brian, but I am loving what I am hearing from one Axl Rose.

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