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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 12 hours ago

I just want some new vocals we never heard before!

They play Spain in the days ahead. If we get something new it makes sense they would play it at the start of the European shows.

So, I went back through old threads. This is the text of an email MSL claimed to have gotten a copy of, sent by TB. Presumably “V” means vocals but we don’t know if that means vocals are still needed or complete:

Subject: CD2
Cuban Skies V
The General Ch V
Atlas L
Soul M V
Silk H
Thyme L
Pro2 V
Chi2 D V?
Goin Down
Tonto V Br
Monstrocity V lyr
Catcher ?
Nothin ?
JChan ?
?? L editing V
Perhaps ?
OMG2 ?
4 Heavens. ? Sing
Light My Fire
Sent via Blackberry by AT&T

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 2 days ago

Saw an interesting comment on YT, posted for one of the storage locker leaks:

David Lunn
6 days ago

The reason you have those leaks is people like me chipped in for them. I heard and had them the night they leaked. Please dont make assumptions about what I have and havent heard

If David is here, first off, THANK YOU for helping us to hear these tracks.

It would be great to get some clarity on what really did go down: how you and the other fans were first told about the CDs, what occurred as far as getting together to fund the effort, what exactly happened the day that the mp3s were purchased, etc. What we have heard is pretty confusing
and doesn’t make total sense.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 2 days ago

I do wonder if some of what we said reached the band or it’s associates. If so — thanks for listening. New music will kickstart GNR fandom in a way it deeply needs.

James, in a worst-case scenario that we do not get songs, what are your plans? Shut this place down or assign other admins? As many of us have said in the past, thank you for running this site.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 3 days ago

James, that Beatles track sounds like a trip:

Hopefully It comes out. That and the super long version of “Helter Skelter.”

I read the average life span of an American male is about 75. Obviously people are living longer but that still means that in about 25 years, all of GNR and many of the first generation fans are statistically likely to have perished.

How many fans already died before the storage locker leaks? How many would have been so damned happy to have heard that material in the 17/18 years it sat around?

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 6 days ago

polluxlm wrote:

What do you mean by "not let them shine"? Seems to me he let them do pretty much whatever they wanted, then he decided what went where. For me Robin, BH, Bumble etc. all shine when they contribute a great solo.

The problem is he almost never releases anything. Maybe that's what you mean?

Exactly. So many great songs that they worked on, like “Going Down,” would be excellent additions to GNR’s discography (even as b sides to singles) but we only know of them through leaks.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 6 days ago

There was an interview with or quote from someone who asked Axl in the late 1990s why he didn’t just launch a solo career. He said he had fought too hard for the GNR name.

But GNR is now effectively his solo band. He never understood how the combination of people and ideas is what gave GNR its power.

The storage locker tracks show that he was basically overseeing a really experimental (if really expensive) art rock project. He turned all these brilliant musicians loose and they came up with incredible stuff. Pitman, Bucket, all of them stepped up to the plate and delivered home runs.

He seems to really admire these other musicians but can’t go so far as to let them shine on actual recordings. They get their solos on stage but those moments are heard fleetingly.

What is up with the disconnect?

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR releases nothing in 2023, is this the end for you? » 8 days ago

The problem with TB potentially waiting for Axl’s death to release any material is that in the meantime GNR’s legacy is being driven into the ground.

Tom Petty and Prince may have been past their hit-making prime when they died but both were still producing new music, touring, and showing an interest in their work as well as their fans. If I remember correctly, Prince’s last release was a 3-CD set that accompanied a hit-and-run club tour with an all-woman band. The man did not know how to slow down. He still had a promising future ahead of him. Ditto Tom Petty.

GNR is frozen like a woolly mammoth in permafrost. No attempt to expand on the legacy, even out of pride.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » How do you feel about CD potentially being the last GNR album? » 9 days ago

We might yet be surprised by “The General” and the other tracks we have not yet heard. There could be some real masterpieces there.

What we have gotten from the storage locker could still revitalize the shows: “Atlas,” “Perhaps,” crap, Duff could have his own instrumental bass solo segment by doing “Devious Bastard.”

Yeah, we are desperate and/but the band should be, too.

Remember the Groupon offers for discount GNR tickets in 2011 or 2012? We are swiftly heading back there by the day.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » 2023 Tour Dates » 9 days ago

U2’s reinvention/return to the classic style actually came in 2000 with “Beautiful Day” and an album full of hits like “Elevation” from the “Tomb Raider” movie. Fast forward two years and they give an emotional 9/11 tribute at their Super Bowl performance which many consider the best Super Bowl show ever.

An inner ear monitor recording of that “Think About You” rendition was circulating by the end of the 2002 tour. Axl sounds terrible on it. It probably felt like a fun throwback idea to him at the time, but in execution it frigging died on the vine.

Unless they do something imaginative like the AfD-in-full idea I threw out there as a Hail Mary Pass, they will be right back to 2002-levels of attendance at concerts: A few successes in big markets but otherwise curtains cordoning off whole sections of seating like I saw 21 years ago.

Bring on some new leaks to force the band’s hand.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » 2023 Tour Dates » 10 days ago

metallex78 wrote:
Scabbie wrote:

Arguably velvet revolver did A better job of finding a mor modern gnr sound

Yep, especially the first album. Contraband has aged much much better than CD has.

I can still put it on and listen from start to finish and thoroughly enjoy it all of it, even the lesser songs.

While CD certainly has its moments as an album, the lows on there are pretty bad and I find it difficult to listen all the way through these days.

If Axl could put his ego aside, and considering the state of his voice, which Velvet Revolver songs do you think he could perform really well on this tour?

Even one or two would show the world that he has truly made peace with Duff and Slash, refresh the set list, and give fans something exciting to look forward to.

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