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#2 Re: The Garden » NEW MEMBERS introduce yourself here » 591 weeks ago

Do I count as a new member?  Nice to see some familiar names still posting.

#3 Re: The Sunset Strip » Paranormal Activity » 758 weeks ago

Oh I wasn't at the movies, I borrowed a naughty copy! :-/

#4 Re: The Sunset Strip » Paranormal Activity » 758 weeks ago

I fell asleep about 25 minutes in to this.  If I hadn't of got a text that woke me up, I could have had a couple of hours of enjoyable sleep rather than sit through this crap.

#6 Re: The Garden » Sickest cartoon of the year. » 782 weeks ago

I'm still traumatised by Watership Down.  The beginning bit is the worst for me where all the previously cute and fluffy creatures suddenly develop huge teeth and claws with the scary voice booming 'whenever they catch you, they will kill you, prince with a thousand enemies' sad

#8 Re: The Garden » Bus Wankers » 784 weeks ago

The Inbetweeners is one of the funniest things I've watched for a long, long time.

Briefcase Mong.

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