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What Tommy demos?

#4 Guns N' Roses » Official website update with link to » 608 weeks ago

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Photo by George Chin
Recent Articles:

» Axl speaks out in online forum
» Azoff statement on reunion rumors
» GN'R sets MySpace streams record
» Chinese Democracy is released
» Rolling Stone: Four stars
» Herald: 'Awesome opus'
Axl Rose recently spoke out on a number of issues regarding the band and its history, past and present, in an online forum and answered questions from several fans lucky enough to join him.

Donning the online moniker "Dexter," Axl responded to a variety of questions ranging from the band's history and the new album, Chinese Democracy, to queries about music and life in general. When asked by one forum poster about why the old band lineup dissolved and why it took so long for Chinese Democracy to be released, here's a excerpt of Axl's response:

2 great but complicated questions and I agree that people would like to know at least my take on things.

Not avoiding them here but they deserve more than I can give as we've been at this a little while. But I'm attempting to speak out on several issues these being a major focus over the coming weeks and months. What I can say now is u've been told a lot of things in order for others to promote themselves that factually they cannot backup in regard to either. They are complicated legally, financially and have devoured a good portion of my life.

The record Chinese u may have is nothing short of a miracle in almost each and every way that either it or I exist imo under the bizarre and ugly conditions of the last over 15yrs.

Thanks everyone and thanks for all the support and the positive comments both 2nite and over the years. I hope to do this again soon, maybe sooner than u'd think! And u didn't scare me off I'm just burnt and would rather not mispeak on issues that may mean a lot to some.

Thanks again.



For the rest of the transcript, click here

#5 Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » Slash-Tracii Guns fight? » 612 weeks ago

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from Metal Sludge:

fan> "I was reading through my copy of Slash's autobiography yesterday and came across a part where he mentions LA Guns deputising for some shows on an Iron Maiden tour (Seventh Son i think) when Axl had lost his voice.
Slash was saying that the deal was that members of GNR get up and jam with LA Guns, he says that LA Guns crew were turning down his amp and said that he thought it was Tracii's way of trying not to be upstaged by him, and that was the last time he and Tracii were ever civil to each other...
Whats your take in this Satans Chicken (a.k.a. Tracii Guns)? Slash full of it? Or were you a jealous puppy? Would be interested to hear what you think of that, and also if you ever bump into Slash now, you guys pals or give each other the cold shoulder?
Dish some dirt for us the way Slash has in his book"

Sleek (L.A. Guns '80 Crew Guy)> "Ha. I'll handle this one, since I was the crew guy in question...
Slash's amp wasn't turned down at all. They did that for two Irvine.
The first night the GNR guys came in and jammed with L.A. Guns towards the end of the set. Slash used one of Tracii's amps (JCM 800), probably one of Tracii's usualy 3 stacks at the time.
The problem was, there was no soundcheck or anything, just plug Slash into one of the amps and run with it...I'm not sure anything was even confirmed beforehand...(it was 20 years ago), I think the GNR guys just kind of showed up.
...and of course, Slash wants everything on 10, and I'm stuck trying to not drown out Trace, who is after all, my employer.
So, yeah, Slash wasn't turned down. It's just that if you put two guitar players amps side by side, one will always think that the other is too loud, and he's not loud enough...especially when it's two guys who have more-or-less been rivals since childhood.
The second night, the GNR guys just did an Axl-less mini set on L.A. Guns gear with Izzy and Duff singing...there were no complaints from that night...
Trace? Care to fill in any holes?"

Tracii Guns> "Well,,,,, If you remember,,,, My gear wasnt there,,, It was a bunch of SIR rental stuff,,,, There were 2 super lead heads and we had to crank them up to get any gain out of them and we did sound check with Slash,,, so there was no question that everyone knew what it was gonna be like.... There used to be a recording of the jam floating around on napster somewhere,,,,, Ill put it this way,,, One of us was in key and the other wasnt. Slash has never been civil to me my entire life until a few years ago while he was on a down slide before VR and he felt like we were in the same boat. I have always really dug Slash even when we were kids but, he was always a snotty motherfucker to me so, whatever,, Ill just keep enjoying his guitar playing and he will always be a dick to me,,, I accepted that when I was 11 years old...."

fan> "Seems strange you and Slash never clicked, even in the teen days since both of you probably ran with the same circles as far as being into rock music/playing in bands.
What was his problem?"

Tracii Guns> "I think that was the problem,,, Our girlfriends were best friends so we were kinda forced to hang out together sometimes and we walked to school together and argued about Joe Perry Ted Nugent and Jimmy Page on a daily basis,,,,,,, For someone who claims I sabotaged them in a book that will be around for eternity I think it is odd how many times he mentions me in that book both positive and negative not to mention, anytime he ever needed anything ie, a ride, to borrow a guitar someone to ride bikes with, he had no problem calling me up. Recently in 2005 I was interviewed for the GnR behind the music,, before i did the interview I called him and left a message to see if he was doing the interview. He called me back and said Tracii? I said "Yes" he said " Oh I have the wrong number" and hung up on me,,, What a fucking dick ,,, hahahahahahahahaha... I then reluctantly did the interview(Which cut into my only day off in NYC) becasue my manager insisted that I do it,,, Then they ended up not using even one second of my interview so, VH1 has about 2-3 hours of me talking about GnR and nu GnR and all things GnR, that no one will probably ever see probably because I had some really good things to say about AXL and if you saw it, it ended seeming like a promo for VR,,,,, GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

fan> "Was that "Yvonne" that you are spaeking of?

Tracii Guns> "That was High school,,, I am talking about Elementary and Jr High lol,,,"

fan> "Yo Trace, hypothetically speaking with the past you and Slash have, if he called you up one day and asked you to be the rhythm guitarist for Velvet Revolver, would ya do it? "

Tracii Guns>"No but, Its not cause its Slash,,,, I would hang myself to have any limits set on my playing......"

fan> "In what way did you argue about Perry Nuge and Page?? I know Slash wants to be Perry its obvious, but then again, some people could say the same about me haha..  Yeah man i think thats unfair that hes committed that to a book, but its good to get your take on it, lets face it Slash was by his own admission a junkie at that point so he probably wasnt the best person to deal with. That sucks about not using your footage sounds really interesting, maybe you could spend a coupla hours transcribing it to give us all a laugh? 
I must say, i have had similar experiences with people i know and have been in bands with, done my absolte best for them with more or less nothing in return and still they bitch.. Good on ya Tracii."

Tracii Guns> "Well I was a Page and Nuge head,,, Les Paul marshall etc..... And he was into Perry BC RICH and SUNN amps etc. Nugent was our common ground,,, actually we loved all 3 but,, Page was my god and perry was his,, so we kinda argued like little bitches about it.. here is a quote from SLASH "Tracii, Everyone plays a Les Paul through a Marshall, I want to be different" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA ,,, Ironic aint it?"

fan> "So how is your relationship with slash now? bad, good, in between? would you jam with him again?"

Tracii Guns> "I have 0 relationship with Slash now because honestly there never was a friendship based one,,, i can only reach out to people so many times before i say Fuck it,,, and in this case I say FUCK IT!!!! But of course I would JAM with just about anyone because I love to play,,,, BTW the footage of SLASH at the Les Paul tribute concert is the best I have ever seen him play"

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would like to hear  this hidden song..

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » The Limewire Leaks Discussion » 614 weeks ago

i can't go to chat it says

403 Forbidden
Access is forbidden to the requested page: (port 80)
Please forward this error screen to's WebMaster.

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i got this message

403 Forbidden
Access is forbidden to the requested page: (port 80)
Please forward this error screen to's WebMaster.

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the chat doesn't work for me now. is it only for me?

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