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Re: I Don't Care About You

< I Don't Care About You
(Lee Ving)
Originally Recorded by Fear - 1982 



I'm from south Philadelphia
I'm from Avenue C
I've seen the empty eyes of a vacant breed
I'm from the Valley too

I Don't Care About You
Fuck you!
I Don't Care About You
Fuck you!

I seen Hollywood Boulevard
Wellfair hotel
And I spent the night in jail
At the Wilkins Hotel


I seen an old man have a heart attack in Manhattan
Well, he died while we just stood their looking at him
Ain't he killed


I seen men rolling drugs
I seen bodies in the streets
I saw a man who was sleeping in his own puke
And a man with no legs crawl down 5th street
Trying to God to get something to eat


Fuck you!

Uh, that hurt man

Axl Rose: Vocals
Slash: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Duff McKagan: Bass Guitar
Gilby Clarke: Rhythm Guitar
Matt Sorum: Drums
Rikki Rachtman: Backing Vocals
S.C. Bailey: Backing Vocals
Blake Stanton: Backing Vocals
Eric Mills: Backing Vocals

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