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Re: Buick Makane (Big Dumb Sex)

Buick Makane - (Marc Bolan)
Originally Recorded by T. Rex - 1973
Big Dumb Sex - (Christopher J. Cornell)
Originally Recorded by Soundgarden - 1989


Buick Makane will you
Buick Makane will you be my girl
Oh, be my girl

Rainy lady,
Queen of the rock will ya
Queen of the rock will ya
Help me roll
Help me roll
To my soul

Slider, slider
You're just a sexual glider
You're just a sexual glider
Be my plane
In the rain

[repeat first verse]

I said I know what to do
I'm gonna
fuck you
Fuck You
[repeat twice]

Axl Rose: Vocals
Slash: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Duff McKagan: Bass Guitar
Gilby Clarke: Rhythm Guitar
Matt Sorum: Drums

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