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Re: Best Nightrain Solo...?

AtariLegend wrote:

The subject matter is self explantory, who's solo do you think is best, not which one do you prefer.

Slash- (Chicago 1992)

Buckethead- (Rock In Rio 2001)

Bumblefoot- (Rock Am Ring 2006)

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Re: Best Nightrain Solo...?

James wrote:

Buckethead will always own Nightrain.

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Re: Best Nightrain Solo...?

monkeychow wrote:

The solo in nightrain is more modal than most of slash's solos...and so lends itself to a shredder's style..that's why nighttrain is always touted as an example of buckethead owning the bands old material.

Personally although bucket and bumble play it faster, I like the sence of fluidity that is found in the 1992 version.

Re: Best Nightrain Solo...?

Bucket's followed closely by BBF's

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Re: Best Nightrain Solo...?

alexh0618 wrote:

They are all great IMO. Each player brings their own style to it making all three different yet still very good and exciting. This is such a great song just to jam with and I think that's why all three are great.

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Re: Best Nightrain Solo...?

Mikkamakka wrote:

Slash without a doubt, although I love BH's and like BBF's work on it. Some of the classic solos haven't got tarnished by Axl's new people, I'm comfortable with the way they're playing it.

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Re: Best Nightrain Solo...?

RussTCB wrote:


A Private Eye
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Re: Best Nightrain Solo...?

Slash, although all 3 are good.

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Re: Best Nightrain Solo...?

Gunslinger wrote:

The guy with the KFC Bucket

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Re: Best Nightrain Solo...?

buzzsaw wrote:

I prefer Slash's solo, and it really isn't even close.  If CD ever got released, the old band reunited, and they played TWAT, I'd prefer BH's outtro.  It's pretty difficult to improve on a classic.  I've yet to hear an old song played by the new band that was superior to the old band night after night, and this is no exception.  Maybe you can find an individual performance or two that was better, but not a song that the new band was always better at than the old band.

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