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Re: Insults Will NOT Be Tolerated (Please Read)

James wrote:
AtariLegend wrote:

I started posting on Guns N' Roses forums little over 6 years ago, shortly after "Bono had quit" HTGTH and lost interest in the band.

Lofton defended him, but everyone else flamed him for bringing up U2 in every discussion.

Until this spiraled out of control, Bono was/is a great poster in all sections, but definitely fanned some flames in the GNR sections.

IMO, there's nothing wrong with Bono bringing up U2 in GNR discussions because he was using examples to prove a point in a GNR discussion, just like I do with Cornell/Soundgarden. I don't consider those examples to be actual "thread jacks" or veering off topic. I know we both may have overdone it a little bit, but they were(and still are) valid points.

If I posted more in the GNR section, I'd be using King Animal as an example in many of those discussions to show you what a band is capable of doing while touring.

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